How long until Hysterectomy?

Hey Lovelies 

Just a quick question for anyone getting a hysterectomy in the UK - how long did you need to wait between getting your staging and getting the operation.

i’ve been preliminarily stages as a 1b/2a and as I was sterilised in 2014 the Gynae doc said my treatment would most likely be a hysterectomy. I’m in Northern Ireland and know our treatment plans can sometimes be a bit different from the rest of the UK.

Any info greatly appreciated 


stay strong everyone



So I was diagnosed on 12th December and I had my hysterectomy on 14th Feb. I had a bit of a delay because I had a something show up on my pet scan that turned out to be nothing but I had to have another MRI to check everything. 

Hope that you don’t have to wait too long for yours. 

Alice xx

Hi SBray

The government states that after an urgent referral for suspected cancer your treatment should begin within 62 days. After a cancer diagnosis you should wait no more than 31 days for your plan to start. If they don't meet these targets they get a black mark, hope this helps. 

I was referred on 4th April last year, had my diagnosis on 19th April and hysterectomy on 29th May for 1b adenocarcinoma. 

It's a year ago now I was just like you waiting for tests and so on. Wishing you the very best for a speedy recovery xx

Thanks so much for getting back to me. 

Helen7 mine is also Adenocarcinoma so it’s wonderful to hear from someone who is out the other side.

i have so much stuff happening this year that I need to be at myself for so the sooner the better! 


I had my hysterectomy scheduled within 2 weeks of getting my PET CT scan results. I was suprised how quick it was as everything seemed to have took ages up until this point! But my diagnosis has been very complicated.

Hopefully you dont have to wait too long.



I had my diagnosis meeting on the 28th of Nov, and my hysterectomy on the 8th of January.

Hope you hear soon,  and don't have to wait too long. The waiting is horrible.