How long till you recover???

Hi I had my procedure done 2 and half weeks ago, felt uncomfortable and sore for a few days after then felt normal etc, although yesterday and today I've been feeling really sore and uncomfortable again and don't know if I've been doing too much too quick etc? 

How did everyone else feel afterwards and how long until you felt back to normal? 

Good evening lovely,

I had a lletz procedure done 16 days ago, I felt the same as you sore and uncomfortable for 4/5 days then the start if this week almost all of the spotting had gone, yesterday i had abit of cramping and this evening I've got heavier bleeding and I'm clueless as to why, to be honest I just want it to stop now.

I'm sorry I can't give you any answers but I do find it comforting that I'm not alone with what's happening, I've found everything very daunting and scary.

Keep us updated and I hope you feel better soon xx