How long is too long to wait for colposcopy?

Hi Everyone. I understand that wiith current covid situations no clinic will be running on full capacity and in time. 
how long did you all wait from having your smear to the results to the colposcopy?

my smear was 7/9/20

my results 17/10/20

still waiting for colposcopy and told I'm on a waiting list. 
I am HPV Positive and high grade changes to cells 



My doc got me in 2 weeks after a had an Abnormal Pap smear with a positive HPV high risk Strand, not sure which one, plus HSIL.


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I would hope you shouldn't be kept waiting too long because you have high grade cell changes.  You migth want to consider calling the colposcopy clinic aand asking about cancellation appointments.  Tell whoever you contact that you are concerned because you have high grade changes.


Hi WG,

national guidelines are two weeks to be seen! Fingers crossed you'll get your appointment soon! xx

I'm in Ayrshire. Just got my smear results today after 7 letter only says changes to my cells and hpv positive (this is my 3rd abnormal smear in 2 years) the letter says I should get an appointment within 8 weeks of the letter,but who knows how long til the actual appointment.Its very frustrating the waiting.You are about a month ahead of me .surely you wont have to wait much longer


I would definitely be phoning the GP, clinic etc and highlighting those dates. The COVID situation is obviously delaying things massively but it's important you push, not only to get treatment but also because the waiting really takes a toll on our mental health.

my smear results took 7 weeks to come back, I had the same results as you. When I finally got my results I was booked in for an urgent Colposcopy which then went on to be cancelled twice so I then went private which was lucky and worth it in the end.

long story short, push and make some noise for your appointment, no one else will do it for you.

Good luck.