How long is recovery from Lletz?

I am having a lletz next week under GA (as abnormal cells are in the cervical canal). How long does it take to recover? I am a teacher and due to go back to work 5days later. Days are full on and on my feet from 8.15-4pm.



I am a teacher too! 

My lletz was under local so my recovery will have been easier than yours. GA makes you reallytired but the last time i had one (for a throat biopsy) I was ok after a few days.

After my lletz, i had one day off and then back to work. I was quite tired for a few days but i think that was down to the emotional/mental stress rather than physical. 

Every woman is different but i was back cycling to school (slowly and carefully!) a week later.

Good luck - hope everything is straight forward for you


Hi BB77

I had large Lletz & vaginal biopsies taken under a GA on 25th April.

I was nil by mouth from 2am ( pre opp nurse told me to eat as late as possible) 

After meeting the surgeon & his team at 8am, I was taken up to theatre around 11am. 

I was out of recovery  and back on the ward around 1pm. 

Pain free, starving and really thirsty. My throat felt numb from the tube during the opp. But that eased once I'd eaten. 

I could get myself up to go to the bathroom no problem. I didnt have much bleeding straight away. I came home around 5pm. 

I was really tired and had a banging headache. After dinner I got really bad trapped wind, luckily I had some Renee's in, which eased it. The bleeding got a little heavier and lasted a couple of days. With dark brown spotting, which is normal. 

I had my opp done on Thursday and was back in work on Monday ( childminder). 

Just make sure you rest and dont do too much for a couple of days. You will be tired from the anaesthetic. 

I got my results 4 weeks later.


Good luck! Xx

I had LLETZ under LA on 26th July. I had period type cramps for one week and found myself feeling exhausted and in need of a rest after doing very little (such as a short walk or bit of cleaning) for that week too. After that, I began feeling a bit better physically and emotionally. I have, however, had light bleeding every day for 3 weeks (that includes my period which came this week and a lot heavier than usual). I have also avoided strenuous exercise and heavy lifting and intend to do so until I’ve stopped bleeding. 

I am also a teacher and I’ve been thinking how I would cope with this if I had to have it again during term time. I’m very rarely off work but I think I would take the first week off. I wouldn’t be able to cope with a class as I was during that first week.

Hope this helps!

Thanks all. I had the procedure yesterday. Exhausted and emotional and a little uncomfortable.

i am going to give myself an easy week (and forgo INSET) so I’m ready for the start of term. 

Bryony x

Well done for getting through it. I hope the recovery and start of term go smoothly. 

My friends at work hid biscuits and beer in my desk drawer and brought me cups of tea which was much appreciated!