How long have you had to wait for results from Lletz?



2/2 - 21

Went for a smear test for first time in 5 years.

Was bleeding a lot during the smear and after but nurse told me not to worry about it. 


12/3 - 21

Got a phone call from my hospital asking if I could come in for a colposcopy on the 15th and gave me directions on where to go.


15/3 - 21

Nurse phoned and cancelled appointment as doctor was ill.

Phoned back in afternoon to schedule me in at a different hospital the day after.


16/3 - 21

Show up to hospital for colposcopy not knowing why (still hadn't had test results back).

Doctor sits me down and says "So Caroline, you're here for a Colposcopy today as we've found severe HPV and abnormal cells on your smear test, but you already know that."

No, I did not know that. I was extremely overwhelmed by these news.

We start the Colposcopy and he says "Yes, I can see the abnormal cells here. We'll just go ahead and remove them for you."

Eventhough there was numbing I was in agony. But I fought through it as I don't want to come back and have to do it again.

It was a Llets procedure and I only found out because of the descriptions I read online after. 


When I was done they gave me a pamphlet with aftercare and a "you should have your results in about two weeks and then we'll see if you need further action". 


Two days after my colposcopy the smear test results arrived at my house.



Today is the 20th April - 21 and I still haven't heard anything back.

I don't even know what I'm expecting to hear back about?

I feel so wrapped up in this carousel ride where its going fast and all of a sudden just stops and I'm left alone with thoughts and no information on what's going on.

I know there's a pandemic going on (I also have a chronic illness which I haven't seen my doctor for in about 18 months and I've just accepted that other people need them more at the moment) but I'm just wondering roughly how long results take to come back right now?

I'm in Scotland if that makes any difference. ❤️

 Hi Caroline, I waited 8 weeks for my lletz results and I was phoning continually, sure id been lost in the system. I would ring the hospital if I were you and chase them up x

Thank you! I'll try and do that. ?

Hi Caroline,


Sorry to hear you're having such a tough time. I was told 4-6 weeks for my results but didn't get my full results for 10 weeks.


Most people I've seen on the forum over the last few months get them between 4 and 6 weeks.


If you call your colposcopy clinic they will be able to give you information about when you can expect your results. If you call Jo's helpline they will talk you through what is happening and why and be there to offer you some support too. I think it would be really valuable to you right now to have that listening ear xx