How long have I had HPV?

I’ve had 2 abnormal smears in the last 5 years, and 18 months ago I had a LLETZ to remove CIN3 cells.

I know it makes no difference really, but I really want to try to understand when I could have caught HPV. I was married for over 15 years, and my ex husband cheated towards the end. For the past 4 years I’ve been in a new, committed relationship.

I hate the thought that my new partner gave me HPV. I know that even if he did, it doesn’t mean he cheated, but I just hate the thought.

I know it can be dormant for years, so is there a real possibility that I did get it from my ex? But if i did, wouldn’t it have been picked up in smears over the years? I’m early 40s now and have never missed a smear in the 20 odd years since I started getting them.

To summarise, would a smear have definitely detected HPV, even 15plus years ago?

I’ve just started having symptoms again like last time when they found something wrong. Head is a bit of a mess while I wait for my appointment.

Hello FriedGreenTomatoes
Sorry to hear you are feeling anxious. If you are in most of the UK then your cervical screening test has only used HPV testing for the last few years.
Before that the test used to be only a smear to check the cells.

So you would not have known if you had HPV or not when you started going for your appointments. It is possible your HPV positivity is from a strain you got from your ex-husband that has been dormant which can happen for many years, becoming not dormant due to illness, hormone changes or something random or it could be a new strain from your new partner. I know it’s not nice to think about but it’s impossible to know where you got HPV from.

Hope this helps xx

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I totally get you!

I really want to know who gave it to me. Mine was picked up 2 years ago, I am waiting for the results, just had another smear.

I’m thinking, just because it was picked up 2 years ago, doesn’t say for how long I might have had it already.

Keeping my fingers very crossed for your appointment!