How long from smear results was you colposcopy date?

Morning all,

Just a quick question, how long did you wait between receiving results and then going for you colposcopy ?

Hi Natalie, I waited a couple of weeks both times. And both times the smear had shown high grade dyskaryosis.

Hi sue thanks for replying. I got a high grade abnorml result on Thursday and have my appointment on wednesday im scared that it is so fast

Hi there

Don't worry, they are always fast! Mine was only borderline on the smear, but I still got a colposcopy appointment just over a week after the smear test results arrived. This seems to be quite normal :-)

Hope that puts your mind at rest


i really hope thats the case x

i had mine a week after low grade results. 

Hi there,

Had my six month smear results On the 17 th of September. Appointment for a colposcopy is this weds 30th, so about 2 week wait. This was the same for me first time around too . X

Hi mine was 3 days which was cin 3 and cgin, hospital rang day before my letter came. . Xx 

Thanks for your replies ladies x

Hi, I had my smear results on a Thursday with appointment the following Tuesday, I was petrified as I thought this was really happening so quickly, I'd also only had my smear 2 weeks previous to this, my smear results were severe dsykaryosis, I had 2 biopsies taken at my colposcop, and have just today received my results of CIN 2 I am booked for Lletz on 19th of October. Now reflecting over the past few weeks as scary as I've found it, I'm so glad everything as happened so quickly, I suffer really bad health anxiety and probably couldn't have stood much of a wait x

Hi, I had my results on the 19th of this month, and my colposcopy is booked for the 4th November so nearly 7 weeks ! Xx

ouch becky i bet your mind is doing over time waiting that long ! was your result low grade ? 

In March 2015 I got my smear result which was severe dyskarisos on the Wednesday, phoned hospital and got offered colposcopy on the Friday! Had LLETZ treatment there and then. Got a letter 3 weeks later saying the lab showed a mild abnormality and for check up in 6 months. I had my 6 month smear a week ago today and patiently/anxiously waiting and hoping for a 'normal' result! 

Yes it's driving me crazy, I don't even know because my letter just said abnormal changes and I've been booked in for a colposcopy ! The last time I had 'abnormal changes' they just said come back for a smear in 6months (that came back normal!) xx