How long for smear results?

Hi ladies,

I had my smear done a little while ago and the doctor noticied a growth/polyp thingy of concern during the exam. She said she wanted to see me again as soon as my results were back. I think I've been relatively patient waiting for these, but am getting a bit anxious now.

Any idea what the norm is with regards to receiving results?

Thanks! X

Hey, smear results only take 2 weeks. The nhs screening programme send your results to both you and your doctor. So if its been longer than 2 weeks then you need to ring your doctors and ask if they have received them yet xxx

Argh Gem gem I read that was the case. It's been over two weeks, I called the GP and she said it can take up to 6 weeks!!! My heart can't take 4 more weeks of this. Thanks for your reply x

Really, bless you. My smear have always been around 10-14 days at most. That might because mine were abnormal but I thought it was normal for ladies to get them within 2 weeks. I think everywhere is different tbh, different towns different rules. Hopefully it won't be too long for you and hope they are normal. You can get polyps on your cervix which are completely normal, I have one, the consultant said alot of ladies have them and they're nothing at all to worry about. Good luck xxx

I've had CIN3 and Lletz procedure done 2 and a bit years ago, and was then pregnant so have only had one smear since which was clear, but this was an out of routine smear because I've been having awfully heavy periods which is totally unlike me, and bleeding between periods and after sex. Which is basically why she asked me to have another smear, and that's when they noticed the "polyp." I think I'll ring again tomorrow and ask if they've had any news xx

Yes definetly ring if you've had previous then obviously you've done the right thing by going and getting it done. They now do hpv testing though so maybe that's why it's been over 2 weeks already, they may test it In a separate lab so it takes longer. Haven't got a clue tbh. But yes ring your gp tomorrow and hopefully you may get a different lady who might help a little more. Did she answer the question of if they were back or did she just kind of say "well take can take 6 weeks" some are helpful and some arnt. Either way definitely try again tomorrow. Sure they will refer you for a colp anyway so you never know u may even get your appointment through before your results :) good luck xxxx

Nah she didn't check she just did the "well it can take 6 weeks." I'll ring again, thanks Gem gem xx

I would give them a call mine were back within a week xx

Typical lol well hopefully you will get a dif receptionist who will actually check for you. Make sure they do check though x good luck ;) x

One thing I'm learning is that the waiting time doesn't seem to have much bearing on the results! In the past I've waited for up to six weeks for my results. At my follow up they came back within a week even though my smear was normal, they just needed to do a colp cos of HPV being present. I've never been given a guarantee of when to expect smear results, every time I've asked the nurse has always been annoyingly vague; 'few weeks'. So I think it's different wherever you live. I'm in the waiting game too; had my smear last Tuesday and anxiously expecting there to be a letter waiting for me when I get home! xx

I do believe regardless of the results weather they be bad or good

the waiting time is more or less the same from what iv read on here 



Hi girls,

Called the GP again today and the receptionist checked, but no news still. Am trying not to think about it, but got home from work yesterday and was so expecting it to be there when I opened the door and there was nothing :( I even got a little emotional, how ridiculous!

Hope your's come sooner than mine ladies! xx

Aww :( yeh I think we are all the same, I drive home on my lunch just to check for mail. Crazy to think "maybe tomorrow" everyday lol best of luck xxx

Iv started to dislike my postman haha! Not that it's his fault but still! 


Waiting is does and will drive you mad and the whole oh well maybe tomorrow mantra goes on and on!