How long for results after hysterectomy

Hi ladies, I had my hysterectomy and lymph mode removal 15 days ago now but Im worrying about the results from what was taken away and why is it taken so long, I asked to be phoned with the result and I'm sitting with my phone constantly waiting it's driving me nuts.

how long did everyone else have to wait on results? 


I had my hysterectomy  and lymph nodes removed on the 12th July 2017 and was advised my results would be 3 weeks, or they would see me in clinic at 4 weeks.

Hi Deb, 


i was was lucky that my Oncologist spoke with the pathologist  so I only waited 3 days after my surgery. He confirmed no spread but did say I prob need further treatment - which was then confirmed by mdt meeting about 2-3 weeks after. Perhaps they are awaiting discussion on your case at MDT meeting? But I would be contacting my Dr for sure. 


Hope u hear something very soon. Wishing you the very best result xxx 

The nurse phoned with my results today, grade 3 tumour, 6 rounds of chemotherapy required.

I'm  12 days post op , received my appointment today by post for 25th august . Seems such a long way away , it's the waiting that's going to drive me crazy . Hope you hear soon x