How long for Punch biopsy results

I had a colposcopy and punch biopsy on 12th May after my smear came back with High grade severe dyskaryosis. How long should biopsy results take? If it’s bad news how soon do they contact you?

Hi @hollygirl3857

Standard times are usually around 2 weeks for punch biopsy results but it really depends on the area, alot of places have delays so i would give them a call to see if theres any updates since its just over that

There doesnt seem to be a rule of thumb when it comes to either side i’m afraid, some have had a CC or high grade change diagnosis within a week ive seen others wait over 8 weeks it really just depends how quickly it gets back from the lab then the colposcopist/consultant has to interpret the report

Both my punch biopsies took 2 weeks, the first one was CIN1 then the following year i had CIN3, i was told they were looking for an invasion although im not sure whether this was because of anything my biospies showed or whether they were just being extra diligent with how quickly things progressed xx

Hi @hollygirl3857

I had my punch biopsies on the 19th April and still heard nothing. Have rang a couple of times but will ring again next week as that’s 6 weeks.

Hope yours comes back sooner - the wait is awful isn’t it x

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