How long for Biopsy results???

HI Ladies 

I have a very quick question.. How long did you have to wait for Colpsocopy biopsy results on Average? i had just started to switch off from it all and now I find myself waiting for the mail every morning 

Why do we do it to ourselves ladies?



Hi hunni I was the same as you and would ask the post man if he had any more letters lol anyway mine took 3weeks how long you been waiting x 

hya hun it is very nerve racking time but please try not to worry we cant change the unknown lol. mine took 2weeks. let us know how you get on.

hiya, i had my biopsies taken last monday, bf says no news is good news but lets see...i am quietly looking for the post and still feeling incomfortable too xx

Mine was 2 weeks, but the lab is on-site, depends on your hospital really.

It's 3 weeks today since mine was done, still awaiting the results and getting more impatient by the day.

if you dont feel like you cant wait ring your clinic the worst they can say is sorry no result yet. i didnt get my biopsy result in post i got a phone call with my result. duno if different places have different procedures. good luck.

Thank you guys.. Its only been just over two weeks being honest.. I know I am just being impatient.. I was just wondering what other peoples experiences were.. all fingers crossed for a good result.. I hope all you ladies are doing well also x