How long for biopsy results? Good or bad news?

Hi just wondering how long it took for you to get your results from having a biopsy done?

Had colposcopy last wednesday. Lpop diatherny done. Was told 6-8 weeks for results.

How long did it take for yours? Does sooner necessarily mean bad news? How did you receive your results? Xx

Hi I don't think the length of time waiting really has anything to do with result,  just how busy your area is. I had early cancer diagnosed and it took 7 weeks of me chasing constantly. Good luck to you hope you get the all clear, the majority come back non cancerous remember x

Hi Kailoe as Libby says I think it depends on the NHS  trust you are in. From colposcopy with biopsy to results i was told 4-6 weeks and results came in 5 weeks one day. 

Mine took  just under 2 weeks try not to worry x

Hi :-)

Think about it. If all bad news came out quickly and all good news came out slowly that would mean that somebody had to be paid to look at all of the results and hold back the good ones. How likely do you think that is really?

Be lucky :-)

I have HPV, bleeding after sex also I had a biopsy then a loop biopsy. Been calling for the past week and she gave me the heads up over the phone but to obviously wait for my detailed letter. 

It was abnormal and inflamed? So I'm still not much further as I don't no what that means  Can anyone shine light on that? X