How long for biopsy results? Anxious now!

Hello I had a colposcopy appointment on 3rd december after smear results coming back as high grade dyskaryosis. I had a Lletz loop to remove the abnormal cells and a biopsy was taken. I wasnt told which CIN it was even after asking which concerned me as my friend was told hers. I was told i would recieve the biopsy results in writing in approx 3 weeks, its been over 4 weeks now and im getting anxious so have a few questions i would like to ask.

Is there a reason why i wasnt told what CIN i was at colposcopy?

How long do biopsy results usually take?

If it did happen to be CC would i get that in a letter or a phonecall?

Thank you


Feb '12 First smear - low grade dyskaryosis

Feb '12 First colposcopy, CIN1, biopsy taken

Mar'12 Biopsy results fine, no treatment, check up in 1 year

Oct'13 Smear shows high grade dyskarosis

Dec'13 Colposcopy, Lletz loop, biopsy taken

Jan'14 Still awaiting results

Hi I had a biopsy and or results two weeks three days later in a letter giving me an appointment a futter week later x I had cin 3 they can only tell which cin it is after biopsy not on sight x hopefully no newa is good news x in my experience more urgent quicker you hear x

Hi I had colposcopy and lletz three weeks ago and nurse said there and then looked like cin2/3 ..I rang them today and they had results bk took 3 weeks for mine x

Hi girlies I’ve recently had a LLETZ done on 24th December after being diagnosed with cin 3. This was my first ever smear test and it was a huge shock getting the letter 7 days after my smear test.
I’m just wondering how long the biopsy results take to come back as I’m anxiously waiting!! Xxx

Hi Hannah. I had my LLETZ on the 4th so the day after you. I also have never been told which CIN I am, like you all i know is that I have severe dyskaryosis. I asked at the time if there was any info he could give me from what he could see and I was told no and to wait for my results. I guess it varies from hospital to hospital but I was told up to 6 weeks. I called yesterday and they still didn't have my results back from the lab. I rang my GP to double check but they haven't received anything either. So unfortunately I'm still waiting which is a bit rubbish as I was hoping to have all this behind me for the new year especially with being back at work Monday. Ah well...the waiting continues! 

hi there, i had my colposcopy 2nd dec, no treatment but biopsies taken, still no results, rang monday and was told results were in but no letter had been sent yet, getting quite anxious and we were trying for a baby before all of this started, so no contraception and she said if i did need treatment if i was pregnant then i wouldnt be able to have it so everything is lierally on hold....i am hoping that no news is good news at the moment xx