How long does the discharge last?

Hi Everyone,


I had LLETZ treatment under GA on the 27th of May. Since then have had a brown discharge (sorry too much info)  and now a week later and after being on my feet all day at a concert I have started to bleed.


Can anyone tell me how long this lasted for in their experience... i am sick of it already!!! xxxx


thanks xxxx



Hiya, this can last 4-6 weeks maybe longer it depends on how quickly your cervix heals. Keep an eye on the bleeding sometimes that can be a sign of infection if there is an offensive smell also present. 



Mine lasted around 3-4 weeks.



thanks for your reply lauren hopefully it will go soon xxxx

thanks for the reply rosie xxxx

Hi Hun my lasted 3 weeks, its was a horrible 3 weeks hope you will feel better soon x

I had lletz on 30th May and had the same as you described until I started bleeding this morning. It's quite heavy like a period. I hope it doesn't last long! xx

Hi. I had treatment on the 13th May. I had a brown watery discharge which on some days was blood stained. Some days heavier discharge than others. up until my period 6 days ago I was still getting some discharge not a lot at all but still enough to wear a liner. My period was really heavy and even now my period has ended I'm still having a little red/brown spotting. It takes about 4/6 weeks for the cervix to heal and that is based on activity. I've really taken it easy and I'm still getting it so tr your best not worry. I panicked at one point When I had a little bleed a few weeks after the treatment and rung the ward but they said as long as it's not overly heavy and stops within few hours it will be ok. Your period can come earlier after treatment though. Mins did and the nurses said test could happen perhaps by a few days or so. Hope this helps. I'll be honest I'm still fed up with the spotting and discharge as I thought I'd be well sorted by now x