how long does the bleeding last?

Hi there girls,

I had treatment done (LLETZ) on the 1st march... had a bad discharge and got antibioctics... that cleared up then my period came a week later.... which seemed to gone on forever, and I am still bleeding and its the 22nd March ! so I have been bleeding for 11 days.. it seems very dark brown/red having to change a pantiliner about 2 or 3 times a day, is this normal??? called GP he said its quite normal.

fed up just want my body to go back to how it was :( getting me down.

any replys would be great




maria x


p.s I got a letter back saying 6 month check up... (sept 2013) and that they are statisfyed that the cin3 was removved, which is good !

Congratulations on your results - brilliant news!!!

As for the bleeding, everyone is different, but I had nothing for about two weeks, then I had a scab (eugh!!!!) adn then I seemed to bleed for an eternity (in reality about 3 weeks) and all this time it was bright red, I can't really relate how much it was, but a reasonable sized splodge in a pad which I was changing three times a day (more to keep me sane than it being necessary) it will wear off eventually - mine seemed to end with my first period after LLETZ (I'm on the pill and my period was due the week after my LLETZ but the nurse said to run two packs together so I didnt confused period bleeding with healing bleeding). 

She also told me that unless you're going through pads like there's no tomorrow (one every hour or so) it's just your body healing. I found that things like jogging up the stairs and lifting stuff made my bleeding worse, even 4 weeks later! My cervix must be slow healing or sensitive to pressure lol. 

x x x 

Hi Maria,

Yes, I think what you describe is pretty normal. I remember having a period about a week after my LLETZ and it seemed to flush out a lot of stuff and was quite dramatic. It does stop eventually though, I think in my case discharge stopped about 4 weeks after treatment, but it took a couple more weeks before I felt it was largely settled down.

One thing my doctor didn’t tell me, which seems obvious with hindsight, is that afterwards, there is still a dent where the smooth surface of your cervix used to be. I know that women sometimes worry that this will make sex feel different, particularly for their partners, but the ladies on here can reassure you that’s not the case, I’m sure.

Having things like this done is unsettling and upsetting, but if it gets rid of your abnormal cells, it’s got to be worth it. Best of luck! xxx

thanks for the advice ladies :) its just annoying lol

wanna re start trying for a 3rd baby soon too !! xxx


I don't think it is anything to worry about. I came on about 5 days after lleetz and only just stopped bleeding a couple of days ago so thats like two and a half weeks. Still have a bit of discharge at the moment but nearly back to normal.  I went back to the gym this week and all seems good :). Your so lukcy you have got your results, when did they come? Mine still have not arrived. Rang the clinic today and they said they had post my results second class this week and if I hadnt heard by monday to call them back. Im thinking if they post it 2nd class then it wasnt to urgent so fingers crossed its good news like yours. 

Dannii xxxxxx


I have had bleeding pretty much from the day I had Lletz for cin3 on 5th march, so about 17 days (eased off initally after day 3 for a few days, now constant)  

I also recieved my letter today confirming treatment successfull and follow up in six months. Smile xxx

Hi ladies, I also had LLETZ on 1st March. I got an infection just after, but antibiotics have cleared that up now! I finally stopped bleeding yesterday. Had some spots of brown discharge since, but that’s it. Thank goodness! Been so sick of wearing sanitary pads! I also had heavy bleeding at times & called the clinic on a couple if occasions, but i too was told that this is normal & not to worry. Really pleased to hear some of you have got results back & great results too!! :slight_smile: I’m still waiting for my results, but hoping they won’t be much longer! :slight_smile: x

I'm in the waiting for results club too :( its horrible isnt it! i've tried ringing the clinic this morning but it goes to answerphone, it will be 3 weeks tomorrow so i'm hoping if anything bad was found i would know about it by now (fingers crossed).

I had my LLETZ on 5th March and the bleeding is just starting to ease off now, (and i'm due on my period tomorrow!!) i did get a bit worried last week thinking how long will this last but was too scared to ring the clinic and ask incase they had my results lol!

wishing you all the best of luck for results xx

Update on results Just rang clinic nurse was there, Confimed as Cin2 & Cin3 from biopsy took 2 x peices not clear margins so back in 6 months for a Smear and Colposcopy & HPV test if that is positive I will be having 6 month smears if not back to three years, they think they margins were prob sucessfully burnt so that maybe why its not clear but that it should have done the trick. But no C so that great news.

Good Luck allSmile 

hey ladies :)

glad to hear things are going well, what a horrid time eh? not been a great 2013 so far.

but thankfully I go back for my check in September :) got a letter saying it was sucessfully removed.

its more of a dark brown discharge, want it to hurry up and finish grrrr....

Hopes you ladies are doing ok? :)


maria xx