how long does it take for results

hi i recently had a colposcopy, i had high risk hpv and abnormal cells. it all happened very fast. in the last 2 weeks ive still had bleeding and im on some very strong antibiotics after getting an infection from the procedure. feeling alittle low and worried as we also have a house purchase going on at the same time... what a time to be buying our first home together! we were wanting to start trying for a baby when we moved, im 36 years old.

can i ask 2 things please..

how long does the results usally take?

and if youve had complications, how long has it taken to heal?

Jenny xxx


not sure when you had your colposcopy done, did you have biopsies or LLETZ? I had LLETZ on 12th January, I have been told 3-4 weeks for my results and I'm struggling with the wait, but others on here have been told up to 10 weeks so depends on urgency and your area.

I also have antibiotics as I got an infection in my cervix but thankfully they're working, the symptoms I found worse was severe discharge and quite a bad smell (sorry TMI) but since the antibiotics the smell has gone and I just have a light bleed. 

I am going to call on Tuesday as it will have been 2 weeks and see if by chance my results are back.

Hope you're doing ok, it's a scary time but this forum is great for support x

Hi Jenny 

Sorry your recovery hasn’t been easy. I too got an infection after the procedure but after starting my antibiotics it got better after day 2 and had cleared by the end of my seven days of antibiotics. 

Regarding the wait for results I had my test done on the 17 December and my results arrived back on the 6 January. However, although that’s when my results got back I didn’t get the letter until yesterday! Luckily I had called the hospital as I was very anxiously waiting and had my results over the phone. Definitely give it three weeks but then call them and see if they have an update. 

Hope you feel better soon and good luck with your results xxx