How long do I wait?

Hi Ladies,

I've got my biopsy booked under GA on Wednesday. Not really sure what sort of biopsy they are taking at this stage, should know more after my pre-op tomorrow. How long does it take to get biopsy results back? Do they let you know what there findings were on the day? I don't know if it's the nurse in me but I want every little bit of information. I hate not knowing. Fortunately, I think, this is not my area of expertise. Never been on the other side of the bed before so a little daunting. They say that nurses make the worst patients.......I hope not!!

Rachel x

Hi sorry you're going through this. If they can see anything on the day they will tell you when you wake up. I thought I was having biopsies but I woke up to the news that I'd had a LLETZ & needed 2 wait 2 weeks for the results. What he could tell me there & then was whatever it was nothing had spread.

Good luck xxx

Thank you. I'm just really scared. I know I've got a mass. Don't know exactly how big but gynae on Tuesday implied that it was fairly sizeable in relation to where it is. I'm petrified it has already spread, which I guess is a normal thought process in these situations. I spend my working life telling people not to panic and that everything will be ok. Really struggling to take my own advice right now. 2 weeks seems such a long time in these situations doesn't it. A shame our two week holidays don't go so slowly isn't it!!!

Thanks again, this site is fantastic.

Rachel x

Hunni it's normal to be worried especially when waiting for stagin. If you read my signature they thought mine was bigger than it was. Try not to panic until you know what you're dealing with.

Clare xxx 

Hi hun ni


I know exactly how you feel I was told on the day I had biopsy done but still had to wait for results If they find anything  they will let u kwon around a week after biopsy. 

I had a mri and that's normal so waiting for PET scan which is routine but even finding out mri was clear was such a massive relief.  They have had already said about a hysterectomy as I have finished with having family. 

It definitely  is the waiting game once you know you well feel a relief xx


Take care and try not to worry

Thanks Ladies.

The thing is that I haven't yet started a family and I so desperately want to. I know there are a lot of options but  if exploring them compromises my health I won't be going there.

I had a lovely call from my GP yesterday afternoon to find out how I was and to get an update as she hasn't heard anything from the hospital. She is very kindly going to see if she can get scans planned while waiting for biopsy results. Unfortunately due to the nature of the mass there is no 'good' news just a case of how bad the 'bad' news is. I know I'm very lucky with the heath care I'm receiving, especially when compared to some post on here but I still want things to go faster.

Still pre-op today, GA for biopsy and hopefully a little look around tomorrow.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this 'parasite' hasn't spread.

Rachel x

How did you get on today Rachel? Fingers crossed for tomorrow, let us know how you get on.

Clare xxx

Hi Clare, Not been yet. Counting down the minutes. Will post again later.


Rachel x