How Long Do Cone Biopsy Results Take to Come Back?

I’m crushed to have just found out that the results of my cone biopsy will not come back for another week…

I’ve been so nervous and just steeling myself for them, and another week of waiting sounds like ages, but I wonder how normal this is. I got my cone biopsy done last Friday, and was originally due to go in this coming Monday for my results. That would have been only 9 days interval. Is that too short to get everything done that needs to get done for the results?

My doctor called my husband to reschedule for the 28th, and she only told him they needed to get the results of a “chromosome test”…but…isn’t it all having to do with testing DNA? She didn’t specifically say it was an HPV test or anything, so I have no idea what this is about, or if I should be worried that maybe the initial tests found something strange, and now they’re doing further “chromosome tests” to explore it more.

It’s just crappy because I had finally started to come to terms with this, was all set to go in on Monday and face the music, and now I’m nervous and afraid again that this will mean something awful! I really hope all this is is the doctor making my results appointment too early, and the lab just calling in to say that the results just won’t be ready in time for the appointment, routinely.

Would anyone have an idea about this? It’s really driving me crazy now…Just why???

Hey Spindizzy.

This is exactly what happened to me! I think they send the letter out as an appointment so you have a space booked and they are hopeful they get results back by then. I got a call in the morning when I was meant to get my results to say they weren't back yet and I would have to wait another full week as they only offered appointments on a Wednesday after the MDT meeting. I waited exactly 2 weeks and 2 days for my results. I had totally prepared myself to go in too so I was bitterly disappointed when they cancelled. However not that I got the best news but I am happy that my next treatment is happening on Monday so it is super quick as they got a cancellation. Try not to worry about the timing it seems normal to me as my letter was date stamped the day after my cone so they probably just book it in in case they have the results back.

Sorry I can't help with what the test means. 

Sending positvity your way x 

Hi Misstell! That's right, I remember you saying that a few days ago! Of course, the first thing I'm thinking is, "Great, they've found something horribly wrong, and are doing additional tests on it so they can find something MORE horribly wrong!"...Ughhhh!!!!

It worked a little differently in my case, as the doctor asked me about when I wanted to get my results before I even left the hospital. She came over to give me a quick check and pull out all the dreadful packing that had been in there overnight (no wonder my back was killing me!) and asked me if I wanted the results as soon as possible. I told her OF COURSE, and she checked her appointment book and penciled me in right then and there. This makes me HOPE that all it is is the lab is a bit behind, and they had to call to tell her they weren't quite ready with this "chromosome test" or whatever...this is all coming through translation from Japanese, and my husband took the call, so I wasn't there to hear however she worded it to him. He says it sounds like she doesn't know anything yet, and it's the lab's delay. I hope that's a good thing. I guess since it's Friday night here, it makes sense that the lab would call in about changing the appointment date, since they won't be in during the weekend.

All wishful thinking of course!....Just, ughhhhhh.....I just want to get this overwith!  

I keep forgetting you are in Japan! Sorry I know things will be a little different. Oh well I guess then they are just taking a little longer than expected. Waiting is so tough though! It doesn't help when you have mentally prepared yourself and then things change! I am definitely the kind of person who appreciates organisation and routine haha - so boring I know! There are so many women on here who have been through this so I know you can do this too and I really hope you get some good news. x

Reading this makes it so much easier I got for mine tomorrow afternoon 


I hope it goes ok. Let me know x