how long did your biopsy results take to come back??

I was hoping someone could tell me how long they waited for their results of a punch biopsy at a colposcopy?

It’s only been a week and I know it’s way too soon yet, but when can I ring the hospital to ask for my results?

The waiting is driving me absolutely insane!! It’s constantly on my mind, I feel anxious, depressed and like I’m spying on my postman!! I also have developed a back ache which I’m pretty sure is all in my mind :confused:

Any response appreciated xxxx

Hi my colposcopy results took 4 weeks to come back but that was over the Christmas period. the nurse told me 2-6 weeks, but only said 6 weeks due to it being Christmas. Maybe give them a call after 2 weeks to see. Try not to worry. I was the same. Any twinge in my back or stomach age I was worrying. Due to smears most changes are detected early and cervical cancer is very slow to develop. my results showed cin 3 which was successfully removed with one Treatment b

Tomorrow is the 4 weekly market since I had my biopsy sent off. I was told it could take up to 6-8 weeks!! :-(

I had mine 28th November and I am still waiting! I have rang every week since January. I hope I get something this week. It's driving me insane. 


Oct 16 -low grade Dyskrosis and HPV infection

Nov 16 - colposcopy and x2 biopsies taken 

Jan 17- still waiting for biopsy results

Thanks everyone for your replies, looks like I've got a bit of a wait yet :( hope you all get good news xxxx

I had severe abnormalities and have five biopsys done nine days ago. I phoned the hospital yesterday they couldn't tell me any results but said they were in and been reviewed by the consultant for a plan put in place. 

This has now made me worry more.

will I get a letter no matter what the results? 



Yes you'll definitely get a letter babe. They will also send a copy to your GP. I might just give them a call and see what they say. Good luck for your results xxx 

Its 2 weeks today since my biopsy. My consultant told me 4 weeks. X

thank you I spoke to them This morning and she said a letter had not been written up yet :-( 

just hope it comes soon 

Got results back for severe abnormalities mid Dec app was 9th Jan for colposcopy x

I had my punch biopsy on 23.12.16 and im still waiting for my results. It is driving me mad not knowing what is going to happen next.

Had abnormal areas removed 2 weeks ago today. The longer I'm waiting the better the news I hoped until I read on line that it could indicate bad news (more tests to be sure etc) 

Dr told me up2 4 weeks and GP told me to call colposcopy after 2 weeks so not sure what to do or think. 

Everyday the post arrives im at the door but nothing yet. 

Good luck everyone who's waiting for results