How long did you wear the TED stockings for?

Hi ladies,  

Just wondering how long any of you actually persevered with the lovely TED stockings after surgery.  Been 3 week's now and they are getting on my nerves!

Thanks,  Greta x

Think I lasted a full week with the TEDS at home and a whole four days with the clexane injections! I should know better coz I'm a midwife, but in my defence I was doing a lot of walking...

Similar to Helsweld. Naughty really I suppose but I'm still here! 

Ha ha, thanks ladies. 

I feel really well behaved for wearing them for so long....and I did the whole weeks worth of injections! 

Think my stockings might have a hot date with the bin this weekend then!!

I was prescribed 4 weeks of injections. Stuff that! 

Eight months following my rad. hyst and lympanedectomy, I was diagnosed with lymphodema last month.  Doing daily exercises, but have been measured up for compression stockings and told I shall have to wear them for life!  Dreading it as I believe they take ages to put on. 


Oh Bless you Janis!