How long did you wait for results?

Hi all!

I’m beginning to get really impatient now and every time the post arrives i feel more and more frustrated! I had a punch biopsy take on the 20th May ( 3 weeks + 1 day ago). I’m still waiting for my results! I called the hospital 3 days ago but they said they hadn’t arrived yet or may be waiting to be typed up!

How long did you all wait for biopsy result?
Is no news good news?

K xx

I'd like to know this too, it's only been 4 days since I had LLETZ but I'm already feeling impatient. I like to think that no news is good news so be positive, hopefully the waiting wont be much longer for you.

Hi ladies unfortunately the waiting is just awful! I waited 6 weeks for my results! I rang 3 times and was told they weren't back yet. I was the same each day that passed I was getting so angry. Good luck I hope yous don't have much longer to wait xx

Hi Kayley, any news on your results yet? I'm only 9 days in and it's killing me not knowing. Can't imagine what I'll be like when I've waited as long as you. Hope everything is ok xx

New here too. I'm only 4 days in after having lletz! I know how frustrating it is, and even more frustrating when people say, everything will be fine. No one knows until you get the results so just have to wait patiently! And I'm probably the least patient person I know! I've heard a lot of people say they waited 4-6 weeks. Or 2 weeks if something isn't right. So I guess the longer the wait the better, easier said then done! X


Hi everyone,

Im so sorry i haven't been on recently, been massively busy with life but results arrived last week (1 day shy of 4 weeks!!!) The good news is it was only low greade changes repeat smear in 12 months, no lletz or anything required yaaayyy!! However, im now under the gyno with suspected endometriosis :( so will be having an ultrasound scan in about 4 weeks and exploratory surgery (laparoscopy) in the near future. So its very bitter sweet at the moment.