How long did you wait for lletz?

Hi everyone


I had my colposcopy and biopsy on the 31st may and they did my pre-op on 5th June... at the pre-op they said I had put down as a 3 week referral although there was a note saying I am holiday til 21st June...I rang today to see if they were able to give me a date for my lletz (under general anaesthetic) as the colposcopy doctor said they would aim to do it quickly when I got back but the secretary said the appointment is for 17th July?! I know general anaesthetic increases the waiting list but I wasn't expecting it to be 7 weeks after my colposcopy! 


How long did everyone else have to wait? Particularly those of you who had to have lletz under GA?



I think this time of year is tricky with school holidays etc. That does feel like a long wait for answers though!