How long did you wait for LLETZ results?

I know it's different for every person and hospital but how long did you wait for your results? Today is the 17th day since i had it done and i’m getting impatient now!

Had it the Monday. Got a letter the following Wed asking me to go in and discuss results so 9 days

20 days for mine

31 days I waited!!!! Horrible time! Had results Saturday cin2.... Good luck sweet xxx

They said 6/8wks after LLETz to me! Jeeez

I am in New Zealand & I could have had my results just after 2 weeks from my proceedures if the postal system wasn't so bad!  As it was I waited 4 weeks after my biopsy, & 3 after my LLETZ before calling & receiving my results.  Good luck, I hope you don't have to wait too long as it is so very stressful *hug*.

I called the hospital just over 2 weeks into my wait and managed to get resutls over the phone...It might be worth a try! Although i do know most places won't discuss results over the phone. :) I'm now nearly 2 weeks into waiting for the results of my follow up smear and will be giving them a call next week if i dont receive a letter in the meantime....Good luck with everything! xxxx

I got my results! All clear, no cancer found and back to 6 monthly smears. Although I've got a doctors appointment next week to disucss pelvic inflammatory disease

Really glad to hear that :) xxx