How long did you wait for LLETZ results?

Just wondering how long the ladies on here had to wait for your LLETZ results? 

I was told up to 6 weeks and live in the Derbyshire area. I'm aware that the East Midlands are one of the longest waits at the moment!!

Had my LLETZ for CIN3 on 15th Aug after my first smear. Only under local anaesthetic so hoping this shows there is nothing too severe. I'm aware that fingers crossed no news is good news!


has my LLETZ just this morning. My follow up appointment is booked in for the 1st of November which seems like a long wait!! I'm in London. 

Hope you are feeling well after the procedure and with the waiting. Xxx

That's a first for me! Is that how they do it down South you're straight away booked for a consult after your LLETZ? It's weird how it can be so different in different areas and for each person!

Feeling loads better now was rough at first, still got some twinges and (gross...) discharge... Hope you're feeling OK after your procedure rest up and take it easy xx