How long did you wait for colposcopy appointment information?


I'm working away from home and had symptoms so I dropped into the SHC of the hospital.

I have a history of difficult smears (pain and bleeding) but have always tested negative.

The doctor bungled the procedure and couldn't stop me bleeding so the nurse went to get a gynaecologist. He could visually tell there was a problem.

I was told I would get an appointment within 2 weeks for a colposcopy. It's been a week and the wait is driving me crazy.

How long did you wait between being told you would need one and getting the appointment information through?







Hiya i got a letter with my smear results on the saturday, then a letter from the hospital the monday with an appointment for colposcopy and lletz for 11  days after. Hope this helps


Thank you. I now have an appointment time and feel better for it.