How long did it take to schedule your LEEP/LLETZ?

Just wondering how long scheduling an operation like this normally takes. It's been two weeks since my colp and a week since my consultation, where I was diagnosed with CIN II. Since I have pretty bad anxiety my doctor suggested I do a LEEP under general anesthesia ("twilight," similar to what they do with wisdom tooth extraction), which needs to be done in the hospital. He said the scheduling person would call in 24 hours. She didn't. I followed up the next day (Friday) and today (Monday). She said she is having trouble finding a provider who could do the procedure, since my doctor for whatever reason can't. I recently moved and just started seeing this doctor. He's affiliated with the hospital where I had my appendix removed so I'd still like to have it done there if possible. 

What's bothering me beyond being upset and just wanting to get this over with is that I splurged on travel this year and have two nearly back-to-back trips coming up. I'm supposed to travel to London in one month (I live in Philadelphia) to visit friends for a week. Two weeks after I get home from London, my husband and i are going on a Hawaii cruise for our anniversary. I really need to be healed for that since we're doing a lot of hiking and water excursions that we really can't cancel at this point. 

Even though he said I'm not an urgent case, I still don't want to wait until October. Ugh. Waiting is the worst.

I waited a month to have it under GA 

Thanks for your reply. Do you remember how long the hospital took to schedule you? It's been almost a week now for me...

Think about 2 weeks after Colposcopy I went for pre admission, it was when I went for pre admission that they gave me a date 

Hi!  I'm in the US and wanted to give you the info that I have...

  I have had hugh risk hpv type 16 for several years and have been monitored every 6 months since diagnosis.  I've had several abnormal paps that showed ASCUS and had a biopsy 4 years ago that came back normal.  I just had another biopsy on July 14th and got the results this past Friday morning.  Doctor said it showed mild dysplasia (CIN 1) but since type 16 is so aggressive, she wanted me to have a LEEP.  I had my pre-op appointment yesterday and had surgery at 8am today.  I was asked to be there at 6am for the insurance stuff and pre-op stuff...I was just told not to eat anything after midnight last night.  I had general anesthesia, (thank god) and the surgery took about 20min...but I was in recovery for about an hour afterwards. I had some pain but they gave me morphine and Demerol and I was great after that. I'm home now and feeling better.  Doctor said I can even go back to work tomorrow if I feel up to it.  No sex or tampons for a month, but you can return to normal activity a day or 2 after.  I can keep you posted on how I'm feeling, but I think if you can have it done soon, you will be good to go for your upcoming trips.  :). Hope this helped you...

Thanks and sorry for the late reply! I hope you're feeling better. My procedure is scheduled for 2pm on 21 August. I still can't eat after midnight so that day is going to suck pretty bad all around. Oh well. Here's hoping