How Long Did Everybody Wait For Their Biopsy Results??

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I hope everybody is as well as can be.

This is me being completely impatient and driving myself mad with all possible outcomes but.......

I had my colposcopy appointment last wednesday after my first smear came back showing severe high grade dykscarosis. At the beginning of the appointment she told me she would be performing the Lletz tretment on the affected area but when she started the examination she said it (whatever IT is) was alot more extensive than she anticipated and needed to referred me to a gyn/onc at another hospital and i would definitly need an operation under GA but she couldnt say what would actually be needed. The whole of my cervix was white but she also said it (again whatever IT is) had spread to my upper vagina walls and she could see it also went through my cervix but she wasnt able to see how far. She took several biopsies from the affected areas and said results are usually back within 1-3 weeks depending on how busy pathology is and i will definitly have a plan of action with the new doctor within 4 weeks. She sad she was marking it urgent but im guessing they tell everybody that who has an unexpected examination.

Its now been 8 day sand the not knowing is killing me! I also hardly asked any questions which im now regretting. I know that whatever operation i have will result in more samples being sent off so may be a while until i have an absolute definite answer but here are my questions if anybody can shed any light?

How long did everybody wait for their original biopsy results from their colposcopy appointment???

Will i receive a report from pathology with the biopsy findings or is it likely the colposcopist will receive them and just forward to the gyn/onc and then i will hear from them?

If i dont receive a report, can i request a copy??

If anybody can say anything atal that may provide me any info id be much appreciated.





Hi Johanna, it took me 5 weeks to get my results back from my colposcopy and i had to ring the clinic to chase them up. The nurse told me the results over the phone that it matched my smear of high dys. so i’d need treatment, which happily i’ve now had so feel much better than i did. I’m now waiting on my Lletz results, but at least its hopefully out of me. The clinic should write to you when they get the results back, good luck x

Thanks for your reply. 

I was told my biopsy results would be back within 1-3 weeks and I would of heard from the doctor she was referring me to and know what the next step was within a month so maybe she really did mean she was marking it as urgent. I presumed she had only said that to ease my mind abit and that she said that to pretty much everybody! 
I'm abit worried about the whole needing an operation thing but I did find the whole colposcopy and biopsies quite difficult so also glad il be fast asleep through whatever it is they'll be doing! 
How did you find your Lletz? Hope your recovering well and isn't too long for your results. I think waiting is the worst part! 

I didn't get my biopsy results until I went for my LLETZ appointment which was about 5-6 weeks later. It then took 3 weeks until I got my LLETZ results. I've never been given any kind of report though. Hope that helps x

HI, I had a regular smear on 29th July and 8 days lady was rang by my dr to say she had booked me a colposcopy at hospital as the smear showed severely abnormal cells so I must not miss this appointment- this alone scared me to death and I worried until my colposcopy on 16th August.

During colposcopy, dr confirmed lots of bad cells so performed a loop procedure to cut them out. I then got results at hospital 2wks3days later to be told I had cancer. That was last Wednesday. Nurse told me they aim to have treatment started within 4wks of diagnosis.

A week later (yesterday) I had MRI and met consultant at Nottingham hospital (not my local one) and he confirmed the 1b1 stage and has booked me in for hysterectomy on 24th Sept which is 20 days after my diagnosis.

there are some people are here who are seen sooner than I was and some who seem to wait longer. Everyone's experiences seem to be different. Seems to depend on drs holidays at this time of year for many people! Hope this helps Don X

Oh really Boop :( the suspense of waiting that long & having a GA without knowing why would drive me bonkers! I'm guessing il need to meet the gynae/oncol before I have the operation to discuss what is actually going to happen. It was planned I would have the Lletz during my initial colposcopy but as I said it was more extensive than she thought hence why I have been referred elsewhere. I'm hoping my results will be back closer to the 1 week mark rather than the 3. She said I will know what is happening within 4 weeks. I think il ring after 2 and mither! 

Dons369 I'm so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I hope your coping ok. 
Thanks for your replies ladies 

Hi Johanna, i found the Lletz not that bad, it was very quick unlike my colposcopy and biopsies which i found a nightmare. I’m feelung ok now 24 hours on from it and am very glad its been removed. I’m trying not to worry about the results after worrying myself sick waiting for the biopsie results to come back. Decided i’ll deal with it if it happens n stick it to the back of my mind. Hope you get your results back soon and good luck with treatment x

Glad you found it easier than the original colposcopy. I'm not fussy about internals examinations atal but found the colposcopy very  uncomfortable & quite difficult emotion wise. The woman was lovely but I found it so intrusive. I also have bled ever since and for the first few days was in atal of discomfort which I didn't expect. I like your way of thinking with not trying to worry until you have to. Iv been flitting between that mind set but then sheer panic thinking alsorts! I hope the waiting game isn't long for us all. 


I had my lletz and biopsies taken at my first colposcopy appointment under local, and it was exactly 6 weeks until I got my results.

Thanks for your reply. I got my results on Tuesday I think it was. Do lucky I only had to wait 12 days! I don't know how you coped waiting 6 weeks! 

Thanks ladies


Oh so glad you weren't waiting longer! Well to be honest I had convinced myself I was fine so I wasn't even waiting for the results, but as soon as I got the call to go in and get them I knew something was up!

So what were your results? I see it says VAIN but I'm not sure what that is! xx

Sorry Tank, iv only just seen your reply. I don't fully know myself what VAIN is but I think it is basically the same as CIN but its on the vaginal walls. During my initial colposcopy they could see I had abnormalities that had spread to vaginal walls so took biopsys from there aswel. Im meeting the gynae-oncology on Monday and also booked in for a hysteroscopy aswel which I'm unsure why I'm having but hey oh I suppose they know best! Would just like a date for surgery and find out exactly what kind of surgery I'm looking at as shofar iv heard alsorts! 





i am new here, I had a smear (my first one) 20th July,i thought I had one before but had actually had swabs about 2 years ago.I am 26. I've always had problems with periods hence the swabs, get a lot of back pain and a few months ago woke up with severe coccyx pain. Gp recommended smear as he thought maybe it was linked to the pain. Anyway results came back pretty sharpish and said I had high grade moderate cells. Booked in for colposcopy on the 2nd of this month. i am kicking myself that I didn't ask questions as as soon as the Nurse looked in she said you will definitely need to come back for treatment. I just nodded and continued looking at the posters on the ceiling. I also could see my cervix on the screen and have since been googling (stupid I know) images of cervixes That need treatment. The type of treatment or why was not discussed. A biopsy was taken.  when the dye is placed onto the cervix what colour does it change If it is healthy?  I saw a couple of black specs which I assumed were the abnormal cells but after reading i think they were the good cells, the rest of my cervix was orange and white? If someone could help with that it would be much appreciated.I am awaiting results. I am probably being paranoid about all of this, as I left the room the nurse said that she would write to me with the results 4-6weeks and bring me back for treatment. I just said ok. I also heard as I was getting dressed one nurse say 'bless her'  don't know if that was a good or a bad Thing. if anyone could help with this it would be much appreciated losing my mind with googling lol xx

Hi just a question I've been waiting over 8 weeks for my results and they've finally admitted today that the results were late coming back from the lab. Could this mean they wanted more time to see if anything was wrong or good news?? I'm so anxious about all of this!

Hi guys. I was booked in for a colposcopy before I had recieved my smear test results. When they called to arrange the appointment I asked what my results were and was told by a nurse that it wasn't cancer and that I needed to have high graded cells removed via the LEEP procedure. My appointment was on the 22nd August. When I got there the consultant told me that I had severe changes and it was normally an indication of possible cancer. Very different to what the nurse had told me so I was so very shocked and upset. I had a LEEP done and the pieces taken were sent for testing. He said he was marking them as urgent and that I should recieve my results this week. Well I got a phone call on 1st September telling me my consultant has requested me to have an MRI scan. I asked about my results from the biopsies but couldn't be told anything only that I needed an MRI. Has anyone else had this? I'm so worried as its all moving very quickly. My original smear was on the 2nd August. I feel as though I'm being kept in the dark with my results xx


Hi I just had a colposcopy with biopsy late Thursday... Missed a call today saying my res are in... It's only Monday so four days in using the weekend.  Does that mean bad news?

I'm in the US and have private insurance so nothing took long for me. I had a pap, got results the next week. Booked for colp and biopsy the week after my pap results and then got the results of my biopsy the following week after the colp. It took exactly 4 weeks from pap to meet the oncologist for me. July 12th I met oncologist and by Aug 4th I had my first radiation session. It all moved fast for me.

Hi ladies, I've recently undergone lletz treatment for severe dyskaryosis. My regular smear was taken on 29th Sept and I had a call from my hospital 12th Oct saying they'd received my results and could I go in the next day for a colposcopy and possible treatment. I'd actually forgotten I'd even had the smear so to get that call left me a trembling wreck. So I went in the following day and I underwent the lletz and the doctor who did it said she'd taken a large area away and a biopsy. So I'm now waiting (not very patiently) for the results. how long were you ladies waiting? is no news good news? I know it's only been 11 days but I'm getting in a right state over the whole thing.  I've found the whole experience so far just a huge shock. my last smear 3 years ago was normal and this one has come back severe. Is that cause for concern do you think or is that quite common for such a big change in what I think is a small amount of time? 

I'd really appreciate your feedback. many thanks for reading my post x

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