How long before I can have a bath

Can anyone advise how long they waited before having a bath after treatment ended? X

Hi Steffi, I was wondering how you were doing and looked up your profile - to find I missed this question! I couldn’t have answered it, actually, because I take showers and not baths. I could not stand up for a shower, I was so exhausted, and bought a plastic stool so that I could sit and wash. Your post was 9 days ago, so I’m guessing you’ve had a bath by now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. So - how are you? Are you feeling any better? X

Hi Jacks, I haven’t had a bath yet but don’t worry I have been showering lol. Not as often as I would usually due to being so sore etc. Im pleased to say I went to a course yday at the support centre “look good feel better” I wasn’t sure I would make it but I managed it and when I got home I stayed in the living room instead of having to go straight back to bed. The course was really good so if anyone gets the chance I would definitely go for it. Today I collected my kids from school and walked round the estate I live on. Im starting to feel like I’m recovering and I’m so happy I feel like I want to tell everyone who will listen I’m kinda like look im walking etc lol. How are you feeling now? Xx

That’s amazing Steffi - you’re doing so well! Your course day sounds like it was just what was needed and very encouraging for you to be able to sit in the living room for the afternoon. When you start walking it’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it. You want someone to stop and ask why you’re walking slowly, so you can tell them how far you’ve come. I’ve had my year post treatment scan and am waiting for the results, but I feel fine - certainly no pelvic symptoms although having COVID made me tired again and it knocked me back a bit - but not far! Let us know how you get on, but it sounds to me like you’re on the way up! Xx

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Thank you, yes I was so proud of myself. Still a bit slow and hunched over but getting there. Hopefully u hear from ur doctor soon with some results. That’s a shame about covid I can imagine it must have brought back some unpleasant memories for you. I will keep you updated but I’m hoping this is the start :raised_hands:t3:. Speak soon. Xx

My lovely I jumped straight in the bath the second my treatment ended! I had really bad radiation burns and sorry fo be gross but I weed in the bath many times.

I was desperate for a bubble path and I would say 7 days after treatment when my burns had healed I put all the bubble bath in my bath!! It was lovely xxx

Hi, did you have brachy too? I’m desperate for a bath but worried incase it’s too soon. Xx

Yes I had brachy, I had mine Tuesday and Wednesday as an impatient three rounds then my final radiotherapy on the Thursday! And best believe I bathed on the Friday! I did check and they said it was fine just told me not to Chuck all my lush bath bombs in the bath until my burns had healed xxx

I was the same. I’m gonna have a bath tomorrow in that case. Thanks very much for your help. To be fair up to now I wouldn’t be able to climb in but I feel I could now. Was also the same with the burns but they have all cleared up now thankfully. Xx

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The internal burns are awful aren’t they! I made the mistake of having a look with a mirror!!! Big mistake it was not pleasant!! Enjoy your bath :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

I couldn’t see with a mirror :rofl: as I was struggling to move. I had to take photos with my phone. I wasn’t aware you could get burns and thought I had a spot lol. Let just say if anyone stole my phone the would have ditched it on the spot. :rofl:xx

I had a magnifying lamp and the magnifying side of a beauty mirror half on the bed and one leg on a stool! It wasn’t my most dignified moment!

Please be assured it will get better soon!

When did you finish treatment?

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It was definitely not mine either lol. But gave me and my mum some laughs lol. I finished on the 10th of February. 3 weeks tomorrow. Xx

I had a bath last night. It was amazing. Thanks for the advice. Xx


Yayy that is good news! Xxx

Hi I am just wondering what happened how did you get treated for internal radiation burns currently suffering and in my final week of external radiation brachy starts next week. What can you use on internal radiation burns ?

Hi, I got two gels one was a morphine gel the other intracite I think, but was told to just air it to dry it out. Basically I worn nightys and no pants and sat with a blanket over me and legs apart. Not dignified at all. But it worked. Mines went and came back a couple of times during treatment. I also got a seat cushion with a hole in the middle from Amazon and it worked a treat used to take it for travelling in car to appointments and then appointments too. Hope u get something sorted soon. Nothing worse. There’s also sponge type things for burns u can wet I was told they are like gold dust. Xx

That’s great advice thank you for taking the time to reply… I am booked in with the radiation nurses tomorrow so I hope to get some comfort and treatment then. Tomorrow is 26 of 28 radiation I also have a MRI for brachytherapy plan, wish me luck thank u again xx

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