How long after punch biopsy did sex feel iffy for?!

Had a punch biopsy at my colposcopy after my follow up smear showed high grade changes. Two separate colposcopy examinations showed minor changes apparently but they did the biopsy regardless.

They said no sex until the bleeding stopped which I adhered to but I’ve tried a couple of times since then. The first time was a bit uncomfortable, the second was fine, the third felt uncomfortable. It wasn’t unbearable but we stopped anyway. I wonder if there’s something going on or if it’s just me feeling scared about anything happening up there :frowning:

I'm with you in this I'm 9 weeks post leep and it wasn't comfortable and felt weird snd I haven't stopped bleeding since I had the procedure, been to gp she said looks like I'm healing but I slowed down bleeding  thought we'd try as it had been so long. But now back to bleeding and being uncomfotable X