How long after MRI is surgery usually?

I was told Thurs 21st Nov (last week) I have CC stage 1b1.

I was also told a nurse would call me the same day (she didn't) and that an MRI would be the following week (i.e. this week) as i am on a 31 day policy and have to be treated before the 31st day which was told def before christmas.

I received the appointment today for the MRI which is the 10th Dec!!!! so not even next week!!! almost 3 weeks after first being told. I am concern that I now wont be having the surgery for the rdical hysterectomy before christmas that is could well be christmas week!!! The nurse said if the hospital Im being sent to decides it christmas week, Christmas week it will be.

Can any tell me how long usually it takes to have surgery after the MRI has been done please?







Hi hey Emilie,

I’m so sorry you’ve had to find us, and for your diagnosis. You’ve come to the right place though as we all understand what you’re going through.

Between diagnosis and surgery I had about a 6 week wait. In that time I had the MRI and exploratory exam under general and lletz. I think 6 weeks can be about normal but I did get a cancellation for my MRI so it was done really quickly.

Will you have to wait for MRI results before your team decided you need the surgery or is it already decided you will?

Big hugs xxx

Hi, welcome to jos. Sorry you have had to come here but glad you've found the website.

everyones times seem to vary, urs doesnt sound far from average. Be aware though that the MRI is to confirm what they think they already know and they may be trying to book surgery at the moment anyway behind the scenes. I had my MRI the same day I met my surgeon and he had already booked me into surgery the week before, so before the MRI and even before meeting me! So fingers crossed for you 

dons xxx

i was told i had cc on 20th november, i had my mri yesterday x its all done quick which is good x