How long after loop did you get results!


I'm 25 and had my first smear that came back abnormal. I was sent for a colposcopy who confirmed abnormality and said was cin2 but would most likely clear on its own.

but I had a letter saying it won't clear on its own and to have the loop treatment,

I went to have that done on Tuesday and just wondering when you got results if it's bad news? 

I wad told I can ring in 5 days to get results but every time my phone rings I freak out! 

im really emotional about it all and worried can't get it off my mind! 

is it a high percentage that it will be fine? Rather than early stage cc? 

Thanks in advance ;) this is my first post but been reading lots on here x

Can't offer much advice but I'm in a pretty smiling situation, went for lletz treatment on Friday and now just panicking about results. My letter said it was high grade dyskaryosis and at colcoscopy he said it looks like cin2.  The waiting is horrible! He did say to me though that 95% of people need no further treatment and cells are fully removed, so that's pretty high! I can't stop thinking what if though and have been told results normally take 4 to 6 weeks to be sent out :( xx

Hi I had my results through today and had my lletz on the 18th may so 3 and a half weeks, he did a very deep lletz for supposedly severe/cancerous cells and my results say that only pre cancerous cells were found and no further treatment is needed, follow up smear in 6 months xx 

I know how you feel, & can only send you love & keep thinking positivley. I had bleeding abnormally, went to the Dr's 4 weeks ago, & since then, I've had a colposcopy, results were CIN3, & yesterday i had Loop treatment but I ended up having a much larger area removed due to the solution they use bring up more abnormal cells. It is scary, & I am trying hard not to worry but it is always easy to say it, rather than do it. I do know that the loop treatment is very effective & there is omly a small percentage og biopsy results, which come back as cancerous. Xx