How large was your tumour?

Hi I am also playing the waiting game now after finishing treatment on Friday. I also haven't had brachy and had the extra 10 external radiotherapy this was my consultants decision as my tumour (just under 5cm) had started to invade my bowel wall due to the fact I had a hysterectomy last August for stage 1b1 but unfortunately I was just extremely unlucky and some microscopic cells appear to have been left behind at the vaginal vault. She felt that the brachy wouldn't reach to the area of concern on my bowel wall and felt this was the biggest area of concern (no lymph node involvement) so advised that an extra external boost would be most beneficial. I haven't had a scan during treatment and won't be having one until the end of July so I have no idea whether the treatment is working and I find this really difficult to deal with! 

I had a lot of fluid discharge as my main symptom prior to chemorads and this stopped within the first week of treatment which my consultant said was really positive news but since I finished on Friday I have started with discharge again (not really the fluid type that I had before) my consultant said that she's not concerned and thinks it's just a side effect of treatment, had anyone else experienced this?? I don't know how I'm going to get through the next 12 weeks of not knowing anything! Xx

Hey Maelise, 

My symptoms were bleeding which stopped in the second week of trearment. 

I have had a weird sort of discharge-fluid ish- initially I thought I was incontinent of urine. I resd elsewhere that this can be a tumour breaking up. It's not something I have asked my Oncologist, but it seems to make sense.


Good of luck with your wait for your scdn