How is everyone today?

I keep having good days and bad days. Ones when I think everything’s going to be fine and others when I think bad news is on its way to me!
This whole thing has just bought on a roller coaster of emotions and a few headaches!
Trying to stay positive, as everyone else keeps telling me! X

Hi nice to meet u to start with pity its because we are going through this

I feel like im going slightly mad lol every morning I open my eyes its my first thought aaaarggg and then throughout the day aaarrggg lol its the blooming wait I can deal with whatever but the wait

How are u coping? 

My name is liz and im on my lunch driving myself round the bend

Many hugs


Hi liz, 

i woke up late this morning so no chance to think about anything. Now I'm sat here, feeling so overwhelmed and teary. My husband keeps reassuring me what ever the outcome we will get through it but it's just this waiting which is driving me insane! I've only been waiting 5 days and it feels like 5 years! X

Im waiting ti have my lletz 28th of this month then wait again oh my. Im sure my mind playing tricks on me bad back tummy ache and tired grrrr

Its hard not to get teary I know but it sounds like u got a good hubby who u can lean on to have a cry its not a bad thing, I cant give u a hug but ill send on :0))) ill be thinking of u, hope the wait is over soon for u. Feel free to rant or have a moan its quite natural lol ill be looking out for when u get your results xx


I thought it was just me with the playing tricks on your mind. I'm sure when I found out my smear was abnormal I started getting these wierd shooting pains up there. And then my lower back started to click while I was walking. Just makes me paranoid! X

Nope your not alone haha we have all gone slightly bananas haha but its not forever 

My daughter is a student nurse and she took my blood pressure today " oooo mum its a bit high"

Mmmm wonder why haha shes lovely I just look at her and have to smile shes my massive achievement that keeps me from the dark xx

I feel exactly the same! Just take one look at my daughter and can't help but smile. she keeps me going! X


My Cone Biopsy is set for July 5, and my biggest fear right now is the pain and the blood during and after.

A few months ago, I've had two polyps removed from my womb, so the area might be still a little tender.. I was told by the GP that my abnormal cells are actually way deep in the cervix, which means cutting a bigger piece for the biopsy, which also means - more pain and blood! what fun!

I must say, that I've had more issues with my uterus in the past 6 months that I've had in a lifetime.

I am also worried that the biopsy results will indicate that I still have abnormal cells in there, and I will have to have additional treatment.

When I share my worries with family and freinds, they seem to suggest I'm too dramatic and making a too bigger deal out of a "minor" proceadure. Are they right??

I think because its so common to have an abnormal smear, people just assume that everything is going to be ok. You can't just assume. This is what these tests are for. I know my family care but they've all said, everything's going to be fine. How do they know? They don't. This forum is for is ladies going through the same thing to rant, ask questions and realise your not alone. Xx

I do think I spend too much time on-line reading and looking for information about Cone Biopsies, but that's because it makes me feel in control of the situation..

I think it helps to read other people's stories and see all these different terms used and what they mean. If you don't some words or can seem a bit scary until you know what they mean. I have got a bit obsessed with reading information about it all I think, thinking ongoing to find some answers. When really the answers can only be given by the hospital or doctors x