How foul is foul?! (A bit TMI)


I had my LLETZ last Tuesday and have had no bleeding, just a pale pink liquid discharge. Over the last couple of days it has got a bit heavier and I am needing to change a regular sanitary towel every two hours or so. 

At work this week, I've been really conscious that I smell a bit. When I wipe myself I don't get any particular smell so I didn't think it was foul but after an hour or so of wearing a towel I keep getting a nasty smell. The only way I can describe it (apologies, this is really TMI) is like a cheesey fart kind of smell. I haven't wanted to stand too close to anyone today because I would be mortified if they could smell me.

I'm wondering if this is normal. I feel like I've been backwards and forwards to the doctors like a yo-yo recently so I don't want to go if I'm just overreacting.

Any thoughts very gratefully received please.

Many thanks


I would definitely go back to the doctors, sadly does sound like an infection. Pain in the arse going backwards and forwards to Dr's but won't help healing if don't get it sorted. Have you got a thermometer at home? 

Hi mel, i had my lletz last tuesday aswell, ive had a yellow discharge for the past few days that smelt disgusting i to was scared to stand nxt to anybody or be near anybody, anyway i started with pain right across my lower stomach so been to see my gp and turns out i have infection, he gave me two lots of antibiotics, i would go get yourself checked just to be on the safe side.


Thanks so much for the quick replies, I really appreciate it. I don't have a thermometer but will ring the docs in the morning. I'm going to have my own chair in the waiting room soon!

Mel x

I no that feeling mel, ive lost every bit of dignity these past few weeks, i did think today the doctor would want to look but he just asked me to describe the smell and discharge, and felt my stomac, i did nearly punch him at this point as it really hurt!!!! But the appointment wasnt as bad as i thought, and he gave me antibiotics,  good luck tomorrow x

Thanks Claire. I think that's been the worst thing for me so far - I too feel like I have no dignity left. I feel like every tom dick and harry has seen my bits over the last couple of months and it has made me feel horrible. I know this is hopefully preventing cancer but it has all left me feeling violated. The last thing I want is to be sat explaining my discharge to the doctor! I know it's important to get checked out though if I do have an infection, so I will and I really appreciate your advice.


Hi, i'm new here, had my LLETZ last Monday and have since spent a lot of time crying with various panics, this forum has helped a lot though so I decided to join.

This sounds quite similar to what I had over the weekend, clearish discharge, smell gradually getting worse, then last night a lot of blood.

So I decided to go to the emergency gynocology ward today after work (I called them last night and they advised if the bleeding calmed down to wait until today as they had no doctors available at that time), luckily I have one available as the GP would have been too long a wait.  She had a poke and a prod, no pain but looks like I have an infection.  As much as i'm hating this in general and it's not nice having to spread the legs this often I think it's always better to have it checked.

Hopefully they'll give you some antibiotics if there is an infection, i'm hoping it clears up the smell sooner rather than later, it's very very embarassing.

Thank you. It has been really embarrassing - I've been keeping my distance from my boss all day and he must have wondered what was going on!

I hope your infection clears up soon and the antibiotics help.

Thanks, I can't have penicillin though so the tablets taste foul, and I can't drink for 10 days.  They have given me more than I need though and a direct number if I have any problems.  All in all the various gynacology wards here are quite good so far.

They did give me a panic though when I got my appointment through in a week!

I hope your appointment goes well.

I can't have penicillin either! I had some antibiotics a couple of weeks ago as I had some really heavy bleeding and they tasted awful too. I don't know if I'll even get an appt tomorrow but I will be ringing first thing and try my best!

If you mention infection that might help.  I rang the ward in the morning, told them i'd be up after work and they added me to the board ready.  It's a hospital ward though rather than a GP so that probably helped.

I get a very odd reaction, started a few years ago as I didn't have an issue when I was younger, it feels like there are hundreds of needles being stuck in my back all at once, very unpleasant and incapacitating as movement makes it worse.  It's not a recognised reaction but I find it easier just to say i'm allergic lol.

That's what I'm going to do and hopefully they will see me.

Definitely best to avoid it if it does that to you! I come up in a huge rash if I take it - the last time I had it the reaction was worse than the bug it was meant to treat!

Im in the none penicillin club aswell, and 1 off the antibiotics the doc gave me apparently you can not touch a drop of alcohol otherwise it makes you ill:( even have to wait 2 days after finishing them to have a drink!!!

Goodluck for today hun 


Yeah they said if I drank it could make me sick.

How did your appointment go Mel, did you get in?

Hope you dont mind me jumping in, I had thermo treatment 3 1/2 weeks ago, last week I had some swabs taken (I initially went to the doctors for another problem and thought it wouldn't hurt to take a look as I didn't feel right) I'm glad I did because I've got to go and see the doctor today. My discharge has been quite thin and I can only describe it as smelling as very bad breath. Fingers crossed what ever is wrong with me can be fixed by antibiotics!

Thanks for asking how I got on and sorry I've not been on here for a few days to reply.

I couldn't get an appointment at the doctors but I spoke to them on the phone and they suggested I see how I was over the weekend and then go in tomorrow if it is any worse. Thankfully things seem much better now so I don't know if maybe I was being a bit over sensitive. I'm glad things have got better on their own as the antibiotics made me feel ill when I took them a few weeks ago so I wasn't keen to take them again.

Now just waiting for results and hoping all will be fine.

Hope you're doing well.

Still waiting for my results, checking the post anxiously every day now but still nothing.  The antibiotics seem to be helping though, definate improvement of the smell and no more gushes of blood.  I learned yesterday that when it says take them with food it means it though, felt rather nauseous and had stomach pains all day but better today.