How do you make the decision? RH vs RT??

Hello all - I’m new here. Stage 1B1 and having to decide between radical hysterectomy and radical trachelectomy… I’m married, 32, no kids. I was initially team RT to preserve fertility, but from what I can read online, RH is the most straightforward and minimal complications, and everything I read about RT is that its riddled with hurdles and barriers afterwards (conception issues, miscarriage, preterm birth, period blockages, etc etc). I feel like I’m choosing between my QoL or the small chance to have a child… or has my reading given me the wrong ideas? Is it not all doom and gloom?
How did folks here make a decision?? Or was it “easier” (please note in no way do I think any of this is “easy”) due to age, child preferences etc, not having the RT/RH choice?

Hello. Sorry you’ve joined the club nobody wants to be in.

I was diagnosed with 1B1 in December last year and I had my abdominal RH in January. I’m 34 with no kids.

We don’t want children, and the diagnosis didn’t change that feeling when I was told I wouldn’t be able to have them after the treatment. An RT was briefly discussed but as I didn’t want to preserve my fertility it didn’t get beyond a very basic chat. So I can’t really say much on the impact of that type of surgery.

For me the decision was very simple. I was also very lucky that the surgery was all I needed and my recovery has been really straightforward.

It’s not all roses…I have some body hang ups, fatigue and my mental health has suffered a bit. But I don’t regret the RH as my treatment. In some weird way not having to worry about periods and contraception is actually a bit freeing.

As you say this journey isn’t easy. My advice would be to ask lots of questions of your surgical and nurse specialist team…no question is a daft one.

I hope whatever you decide it all goes well for you and you kick cancer to the kerb.

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So sorry to hear your news. I was diagnosed stage 1b1 in March 22 - was all very surreal.

I was offered the same in terms of RT or RH, I’m 31 and no kids. It was such a difficult decision to make, I chose the RT and had this in April, I wanted the decision to be mine and allow me any chance there was to be able to carry a child (fully aware of the risks and everything that may happen - It may not be plain sailing at all).

Tbh I was terrified - it was a long surgery - but it went well and so far all is good. I had abdominal surgery, lymph nodes tested and also my ovaries moved. I was in hospital for 4 nights. The pain was tough, but every day it got better. Being able to shower yourself or dry your feet seemed to take a while for me, but everyone is different. I still have some areas that I can’t feel on my legs and tummy, I still have bloating and swelling around my tummy which is frustrating - but it is healing still inside.
The emotional side has been worse for me dealing with everything that happened in a short space of time - I was so focused on the appts and the next thing that only now once I’ve slowed down it’s all caught up and reality has hit!

It’s a difficult decision to make and there are hurdles and risks involved and I made the right decision for me at the time. I went back and forth and only Made the decision finally the day before my surgery. I spoke to the team Many times and asked lots of questions about the risks, the recovery, and made sure I knew as much as possible.

I hope that helps! Please feel free to ask any other questions :slight_smile: