How do you cope with the waiting

Ok here goes:

I saw the Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist on May 7th, where a smear was also performed. The Consultant said that I had a large cervical ectropion and it should be seen urgently.

Had a phone call from the hospital 11th May asking me to go in on the Friday for a LLETZ procedure, in the meantime I'd a letter saying my smear was clear. The consultant whilst performing the LLETZ thought something wasn't right and sent some tissue off to histology.

5th June the hospital phone up asking me to see the Consultant on 8th June at 11.45 am, this is after the clinic has ended. I knew something was wrong when the receptionist and nurse knew who I was, offered me water and then said there'd be another nurse in with me. I was told I had either stage 1a or 1b cervical cancer, there was some debate with the MDT the previous Friday and that I'd been referred to the Gynaecological Oncology Centre and I would have CT and MRI scans with 2 weeks.The consultant also asked for my smear slide to be reviewed. I had my CT scan on 17th June and saw the Consultant at the Gynae Oncology centre on 25th June who said the tumour was about 1.5cm and was stage 2 (now confused as ato which stage). MRI booked for Wednesday, same time as pre-op despite being told this wouldn't happen, but when I rang the McMillan nurse, she said take the MRI time and to let Pre-op know I was running late. Radical hysterectmony booked the 22nd July, hopefully keyhole, but they won't know if any further treatment is necessary until the they do the histology. I've been told I have adenocarcinoma which wouldn't have been picked up on the smear.

I'm not worried about the hysterectomy, my mum had one many years ago (not cancer), it's what they might find in the CT and MRI, so there's a chance my hysterectomy might be cancelled and I will be referred straight to the Oncologist.

I finished work on Friday and now the children are in school and husband at work I'm going through the whole range of emotions.

Any advice for dealing with the highs and lows and is it worth seeing my GP now to go and talk about HRT? I'm 45 so the menopause isn't that far off any way. I've tried to be matter of fact about things until now, plus I'm trying to be optimistic as my Father has survived cancer over 30 years after initial diagnosis and is now in the clear.




Hi and welcome! Are you sure they said stage 2 and not grade 2? A grading refers to the difference in cells compared to normal and a stage is how far the tumour has invaded tissues and organs adjacent to the cervix. For it to be a stage 2, it would need to be in the uterus, vagina or the part between the uterus and the vagina. If the tumour is indeed 1.5 cm I think it will still be stage 1, i.e. localised to the cervix. Hope this helps. And you have come to the right place! H x

Hi there, 

Sorry to hear your news!

I've just been through pretty much the same,  got diagnosed Stage 1b1 with both adenocarcinoma and squamous cells present. Had a Radical Hysterectomy via keyhole so was only in hospital overnight. I was given the choice of keeping or removing my ovaries so I chose the latter and started HRT the morning following my op.I'm the same age as you and have been fine with the HRT so far even though it's a very low dosage.

Luckily I didn't have to wait too long for the histology results,  I got them 5 days later and is was good news!  I found the whole thing a bit surreal as it was just picked up on my smear and I never had any symptoms.  Whenever I felt down about it I just told myself that I was lucky it had been caught so early and that it was very treatable. I just kept as busy as possible and tried to think of it just as an operation. 

Sending you god wishes for the MRI results.

Greta x 



Hiya! Welcome. Do go and see your GP if you like - they could be able to offer you all kinds of support and insights for HRT or other aspects- it depends what sort of person you are, if you like to research stuff and get different options or are happy to be looked after by the gynae Dr you are seeing. I went to my GP and was reassured and given practical and alternative advice that was helpful for me, my GP is very holistic so it suited. My situation is similar to yours I think although the order of things has been different. I am 45 too and will have questions about HRT but hope to ask them once I have a firm decision/date for the hysterectomy. 

Coping - I started a thread recently that explains what I did to cope, currently my favourite coping tool is to think 'what if it is really brilliant!' when I get worried about treatments/appointments. I find the lack of control hard, which is probably why I am looking at diet and complementary therapies too. My gynae oncology Dr has links with NHS homeopathic hospital and local cancer support centre - perhaps there is something local to you that appeals? Also like Greta I feel thankful that the cancer got picked up at this point, this calms me down. Plus finishing work has been a bonus ;-)

Good luck!

Hi, Thanks for the messages Gynae-oncologist said Stage 2, but maybe he meant Grade 2, as they won't know about radiotherapy and chemo after they've had the histology back. I will try and see my GP once I've had the MRI tomorrow to discuss HRT and anything else I can do. However I do know I'm lucky, I could have carried on as I was and putting up with my symptons and it would be much worse, thankful the first consultant thought something was wrong. Also trying to be positive as Dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer 30 years ago, but he went to the GP at the first sign of symptons and was referred straight away to an oncologist, he is still with us today, so I do know if it's picked up early chances of recovery are good.

Plus yesterday was a bit of a down day as had time to think, so thanks again for the messages