How do you cope with diarrhea ?

I'm into my second week of chemo-rad and the dreaded diarrhea has hit already !

I have an 50 minute drive to the hospital daily for the radiotherapy and obviously the same back home again.  It just started today and I luckily made it to the loo in ten seconds !

I've just taken some Immodium Instants and I'll ask when I get there but how do you all cope ?


that's when it kicked in with me I know a lot don't suffer till near the end but mine started after my 4th radio treatment I was given loperamide it got to the point where I was taking about 16 a day on the advice from my consultant after week 4 I was prescribed codeine not for pain just to give me constipation 

I used to have a hour drive home but I could time it I used to call at a service station on the way back and then again at my sisters mad really when you think about it but unfortunately it's a side effect that we have to work round 

mention it to your consultant I'm sure they will prescribe you something 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 


I had severe diarrhea and Imodium did nothing for me. I was prescribed lomotil. I was taking about 4-8 per day. I had a 45 minute drive to hospital. 

I coped by making all of my appointments first thing in the morning and made sure I didn't eat after midnight. I drank  my required water on the way as to have a full bladder. I turned to the BRAT diet and that was helping but by the end of treatment all I could eat that wasn't sending my intestines into spasm was bread, cheese and chicken broth with very little salt. 

I also ended up with piles from it all and that hurt. Silts baths became my best friend. 

it does end up really hurting the more your intestines start and stay in spasm. Ended up with some pretty strong pain killers. Don't be afraid to keep asking for a script if Imodium doesn't help. 

get some soft flushable wipes so you don't irritate the area


Thanks Michelle and Lolli. I'll phone my GP tomorrow and see if there's anything they can prescribe. I've got through two packs of Immodium and it hasn't really helped, even water is going straight through me. 

My drive to the hospital is very rural..I've even put an emergency bucket with lid, loo roll and baby wipes in the car ! 

Not eating until I get back seems to be the best option so far.