How do I know what to do

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in February via routine smear with follow up colposcopy and having the lletz, the margins weren't clear so have had the process repeated at the beginning of this month, still awaiting results. I have 3 children from a previous marriage and recently started a new relationship over the last 8months, he's been incredibly supportive and couldn't ask for any more but I have to decide on a hysterectomy or not if the margins are clear and I don't know what to do my head and my heart say different things. I'm sorry I'm a bit nervous about posting and not sure if this is the right place. 

Hi Georgie8814,

I was diagnosed with stage 1a1 cervical cancer in February. I had a lletz which removed the cancer but left cin3. I have just had my second lletz and have been told that provided the margins are clear, that should be the end of my treatment. I'll have a test of cure in 6 months. I haven't been offered a hysterectomy although I have been told that that would be the next step if the second lletz didn't work. I'm just wondering why you've been given the choice? Is it as an extra precaution?

I made sure I had my smear done at the end of last year as we were planning to try to convince this year but unfortunately I got the cancer diagnosis instead. My doctors seem confident that I will retain my fertility although I'm not sure about another baby now anyway. However it will be helpful towards my recovery (and mental health) if I still have the choice. I can completely understand your dilemma.

Good luck whatever you decide,


Hi, Georgie8814! You can do this:
1. Get advice from an oncogynecologist from another clinic on your optimal course;
2. Do a CT scan with a contrast of the lungs, pelvis and abdominal organs (perhaps another oncogynecologist will advise this).

There are no extra organs. Your doubts are understandable. Relapses also occur in stage 1a1. The probability is small, but there is. Complications after the operation have not been canceled.

Today I talked to a girl who had a reccurence of the first stage of cancer after seven years. She regrets that she did not undergo a thorough examination when making the diagnosis. Another girl does PET-CT scans every year, does not trust cytology and ultrasound after a relapse.


Contrast-enhanced MRI can well confirm or disprove clinical staging.

If the stage is initial, it is necessary to confirm this by MRI or CT. And then do not be lazy to pass the control in a timely manner. Then, as my doctor says, you can live happily ever after.

It would be nice to ask your partner's opinion regarding hysterectomy. When your uterus is removed, you can no longer have periods and cannot get pregnant. Does your partner already have a child?

A dilemma indeed and not one I had to face.  I've been on this forum a while and there have been quite a number of posts on this subject - you can find them by using the search in the box at the top right of this page.  For an example of one of these posts see following link: