How do I differentiate between LLETZ bleeding and cycle bleeding?

Hi guys,
I’m brand new to this forum… found it while trying to find answers online to my question.
I’m about to undertake my second round of ivf. Will start taking ovary priming tablets (nothing too hectic) from the next cycle which is due in a couple of days.
The thing is, I just had a LLETZ procedure today. (I found it all quite emotional as I just lost my younger brother to cancer a few months ago.)
My question is, how do I know if my cycle has begun next week if I still experience a bleed as a result of the LLETZ? Are there tips for differentiating between the bleeds?
God it’s all so complicated. Had a D&C last week too and will need a laparoscopy post egg retrieval too, I just want to make sure everything is on time and I don’t miss anything.
Currently quite crampy so I expect there will be a bleed from the LLETZ for a bit.

Really confused, if anyone has any experience or advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Jen :disappointed:

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Hi Jen, what a lot your are going through right now. I take the pill and so was quite reluctant to have my pill break right after the lletz and delayed it a bit after the first one. The second LLETZ I didn’t. Both were noticeably different for me but I can’t really remember how any more. I did write down a diary of everything I was experiencing which you’d be able to find on my summary profile. Hope that helps.

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A diary sounds like a good idea Lemon_Lavender thanks for the suggestion.
Yes there’s been a lot going on so this LETTZ came out of nowhere and just intimate it seems. Apparently it’s a lot trickier to treat if I was to fall pregnant.
Thankfully it’s done. No bleed yet though, maybe there might be some in a day or so.
I just need the results in fairly fast as the ivf clinic will not proceed with any treatment until I’ve got the all clear.
So tired of all of these procedures and costs, I’m wondering if having a child is worth it anymore.

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Sending you strength and love. I think it is @KultKoala who has gone through a similar experience.

If you do a post with a heading specifically about IVF you’ll find many more ladies in similar situations too, who may be able to offer you words of encouragement and hope xx

Hi Jen,

Sorry you are going through this. I had two lletz treatments for CGIN when I was in the middle of fertility treatment. We were allowed to resume after I had had one normal cycle after treatment. Sadly our 3 rounds of letrozole following lletz didn’t work. So now we are looking at having IVF. They wanted the all clear to go ahead which I now have. When I was under the NHS colposcopy directly communicated with the fertility department to let them know the outcome of treatment. You will be able to tell the difference between lletz bleeding and cycle bleeding. I found lletz bleeding was less bleeding and more exudate (liquid watery discharge tinged pink) so it was obvious when I was actually on my period. Fertility treatment is very testing emotionally and financially especially with this in the mix but I see no reason to give up if it’s something you really want. We are definite warriors! If you ever need to talk, feel free to message me. xx


Hi @KultKoala,

Wow so you are very similar to me! Thanks for letting me know about the bleed difference, It has been 5 days now and you’re so right, it’s more like an exudate like you say. I think both the D&C and the LLETZ have delayed my cycle a little bit, I was due on the 1st of this month but am running a little late it seems. (Defo not pregnant as husband is terrified to come near me while all this is happening!)

We have had word back from IVI (the IVF clinic we have been referred to in London) that they will not be proceeding with even a nurse’s consultation until I have the all-clear from the LLETZ. This will be at the earliest 13 days post-procedure. Which I kind of understand. It’s just the extra wait now to get going again… We had hoped to be stimming in January for egg retrieval mid-Jan. Looks like it will be Feb now.

I’m slightly worried too now as I read that LLETZ can raise the risk of miscarrying and I may need to have a suture put in if we get pregnant.

Yes, it’s all so very emotional… I’m still quite raw from losing my little brother and the two failed transfers certainly have taken their toll on us too.

If you do go ahead with IVF, my advice would be to pay that little bit extra to have those little embies PGS tested as I have been told 1 in 8 will be chromosomally normal. Having no testing means they will pop embies back in your womb that will not have a great chance. Save yourself the heartache and have them tested. Also, IVI have been really good for us so far… much better than the last clinic.

ALways here to have a chat to too KultKoala, I think all of us going through this are pretty much heroes without capes xxxx

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The extra wait is really hard, I totally sympathise but better to be sure you’re ok to proceed. Your husband need not worry too much. I mean yes you have to avoid penetration for 6 weeks but you can still orgasm. I’m sure many other women will agree that’s not an issue and is something they did whilst recovering. I think we resumed a little early by half a week or so as I was reasonably confident I had healed and we just took it slowly. He was worried about hurting me but all was fine.

I have my first appointment with a consultant Jan 5th through Microsoft Teams re IVF. We’re looking at going abroad as it’s cheaper and having done a lot of research I’ve found a clinic I’m happy with. So I think we are looking at late Jan/Feb to start too. With regards to lletz and increased miscarriage risk I don’5 think the risks are all that high. I believe risk of pre term labour is 2%. There is a study somewhere which explained the risk associated with how much cervical tissue is removed. It increases slightly with the more tissue but still negligible really in the grand scheme of things when you consider the risks without lletz treatment. The letter I received today also explains that should you get pregnant that you should be referred by the community midwife through to the pre term birth clinic and have frequent scans for Cervical length. So they do like to keep a good eye on you and yes they can put in a cervical stitch if concerned. Thank you for the info with regards to PGS testing. I will discuss this with my consultant in January. I know it is a process that the clinic offer.

I’m sorry to hear about your brother and failed transfers. That must have been really hard for you. Here’s hoping that 2022 is our year then. Xx

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