How did you hold it together?

I think i've read half of the internet by now, and have found this forum the most helpful. But how are you ladies all keeping it together? How do you deal with the waiting.

I had an abnormal smear, further tests, then a colposcopy under LA last Friday and my gyne called me on Tuesday night (9pm) to confirm it was CIN3 and i'll need a Lletz.

She'd told me the chances on it being CIN3 was about 5% so I was really knocked when she called to tell me it was.

It's now Thursday, I have an appointment with her tomorrow morning to discuss my results and book the lletz, but I have been going out my mind with thoughts of everything.

I've just messaged her to book me in for the lletz asap as I want this all done before christmas. However I'm meant to be fly back to the UK (I live abroad) in just over 2 weeks for the holidays, so I'm not sure what will happen.

I've been at work trying to busy myself but I'm the only female here. My partner has been supportive but doesn't know what to do either. 

I'm feeling a little lost right now... Any advice?

I know how you feel hon, I had my lletz done 14 days ago, I have barely bled (my period arrived on time the next day) just mainly pink/yellow watery discharge. 

I'm waiting for my letter still, I have a feeling it's not going to arrive soon, esp with black Friday and Xmas post. I'm a bag of nerves now...after the past few weeks of feeling ok its hit me like a punch in the face.

The day is filled with a range of emotions and ups and downs...its draining. I didnt want to read and run so thought id let you know you're not alone. X

Thanks, I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling like this.

I have my op on Saturday now under GA. I'm thankful things are moving quickly. I'm not worried about the procedure, it's the waiting I cant begin to imagine how others are feeling when it takes weeks. 

Hey there, when I first found out I had to have a lletz I didn't sleep a wink all night. I cried and I found it really hard. But then I just realised it was soemthing that had to be done and got my head around the facts how itd very common and percentages of the bad things are low etc. I waited a week to have my lletz and now I'm 3 days post and waiting on results. They said either today or Monday so I will have another few days to wait. I have felt alot better since focusing on the fact I had to have it done and that it is relatively low risk. I'm scared that it could be cancer obviously but I've just tried to be really positive because no amount of stressing will change what could be. I think its the only way to be and just try to keep occupied with other things. If it helps I had mine under GA and it hasn't been too bad at all revovering. I have slept alot, am bloated but other than that I am ok but making sure I rest alot. 

Feel free to private message me if you need to chat. I know exactly how you feel. 

thanks guys. I had my lletz on saturday. Thankful no pain or bleeding. Just taking it easy at home. Now to keep my fingers crossed for the results. But it's a weight off my mind that it's been done now.

Iainy.. Great to hear it's over and you're feeling good. Laughing

I'm on day 18 after lletz and honestly I'm a wreck, stalking the postbox is a daily occurrence now.

I plucked up the courage to call my gp today to see if they have got my results yet, receptionest said they had a letter on 30Nov asking to book me in for my next smear in 6 months time. Bit no mention of margins. She has asked the Dr to call me tomorrow to explain the letter and to see if he can help put my mind at ease.

Leigh x

Oh Leigh, I hope it's good news. It sounds like good news so far. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

I'm feeling optimistic about my waiting time for the results, I'm abroad and went private. I have my gyne on whatsapp and she's very good. She sent me a picture of my results last time so I didnt have to wait on the post via post which was in about 2-3 working days so i'm hoping I should now hear within a day or two.

Let me know how you get on x

That's great hon, the waiting is the worst part so far, so glad you won't have to become a letterbox stalker like me.

I have everything crossed for you too..x 


If u need a smear in 6 months sounds like margins are clear to me (really sorry to hikack just reading post so thought I would reply) any other Cells etc you would of needed follow up treatment. My lletz done on 1st November with biopsies came back as cancer...very early, tiny and margins were clear. So they confident they got it all, I’ve got to have repeat lletz next week just to be sure they’ve got it, and hopefully those biopsies will be clear, I then have to have coloscopy every 6 months for ten years then every year check ups after that! So silly I put this off for so long (was my first smear at age 30) and now I’ve got to get my bits out a few times a year! 

Hope you get your results soon! I'm interested in your recocery, 18 days post and it sounds like you didn't have any bleeding? I'm a week post and I've barely had any either more so disxharge. I was due my period when I was about to have the lletz so I just ran my pill bavk to back and skipped it so it wouldn't interfere with everything as I bled easily when they do all these tests. My results from a colposopy were unclear so I had to have a lletz befote they could even confirm anything and turns out I had nothing at all and all clear. I just have to go back for my post op check up at the start of Jan just to make sure I've healed but then I won't go back for 12 months. Then if all good 5 years. 

Anyway I'm just wondering how you're feeling after nearly 3 weeks? Do you think you could go bavk to exercise or anything like that? I'm extremely fit, well I was a week ago, and im just a little worried about when I get back into running and weights that I won't be the same, but most that I read says ill be fine if I give it the full 4 weeks to recover. 

Anyway jusy wonderng how you'refeeling other than the wait on results of course. 

Dr just called he is printing the letter out for me, he read it out and even though it has no mention of margins he said it's all positive and I did have cin3 . He said it looks like I have been given the all clear and now to 6 months smears to watch the cells to make sure they don't come back, if they do I'll be going for another colposcopy and lletz 

I'm now day 19 still no bleeding, due my next period in two days... So I'll have to see how that goes.