How Did You Find Out?


I have not been diagnosed with cc, but I am awaiting my biopsy results to see if I need to proceed with treatment. Did you find out by symptoms, abnormal cells (and doctor could tell right away during colpo), once the biopsy came back, or during LEEP?

I am asking because I am trying to see how many come back shockingly after just being told you have abnormal cells. I am in that stage right now - I have high grade abnormal cells. I keep wondering if they will come back and tell me it’s worse than just dysplasia. Anyone else been told that it is high grade, then it comes back as cancer? Thanks in advance! This waiting is getting to me.

Hello Traveler :) 

I just wanted to reply as I'm also worrying about this too. As you know I had the lletz treatment yesterday for highly abnormal cells and after it had finished I did ask a couple of questions; one of them being how likely is it that this will come back as cancer. 

The colposcopist said she sees maybe a maximum of 5 women a year who's results come back as cancer - most of which are in the early stages or it had already been removed by the treatment. 

I think these are really good odds - she sees around 8 woman a day she said. 

She also said if there was anything really bad going on she would more than likely be able to see it whilst doing the colposcopy. 

But if you're like me I won't focus on any positive points and won't relax until those results are in my hand! 

In situations like these I think we have to force ourselves to put it to the back of our mind and focus on positives though. Even though it's really hard! 

I hope your results come back soon. At least you only have a week to wait :) (I am jealous of this haha!) 

Lots of love xx 

I had myself so worried about my high grade pap smear,  my worry was so much worse whenthe Dr's at colposcopy said it looked high grade.  I was crying thinking my babies were going to grow up without their mum.  About 2 days later my children and partner were keeping me distracted a lot, but at night I was left with my thoughts again so I put in a movie and watched it until I fell asleep.  The 3 week wait seemed like years. 

I don't want to give false hope but I was one of the lucky one's where it turned out to be a  repeat pap and colposcopy in 6 months incase they missed something during biopsies. 

Hello worries! That's good to know that it's only around 5 cases a year at your office! The only thing my mind goes to though is - those same 5 people probably were told they would be fine too :( 

I am sure I am ok though, as she said it looked like dysplasia to her & nothing bad. But just want the results to confirm that. 

Chloee - that's wonderful that you just had to repeat your pap! You must have just had Low grade mild changes! :)