How did you feel after Lettz?

Hello all,

Just wondered how you all felt after your Lettz? I was told to expect some discharge n pain that will go away with paracetamol.

I have had very little pain and hardly any discharge. Which so far I am glad about.

I had the procedure 2 days ago and have come down with what feels like a cold? Sneezing and runny nose. Id probably say miles cold as ive only had 2 cold n flu tablets all day. Most annoying symptoms is sneezing and runny nose.

Is it normal to get a cold because your body has diverted it's attention to heeling or should I be seeking out antibiotics. I am a little reluctant to go seeking antibiotics for a cold. Normally if I felt like this I would get some Lemsips and an early night - do I just treat it as a normal cold or do I need to take further action because Ive had Lettz?

Thanks for you help


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March 26th Lettz

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I didn’t have any pain after my LETZ, and very slight discharge. I remember the nurse telling me if I have any flu symptoms to get seen as it could be an infection, I would maybe call your doctor for peace of mind? It could well be you just have caught a cold but sometimes it’s best to check. Hope you feel better soon!