How did you feel After colposcopy

Hi everyone just new here! I had my colposcopy done on Saturday morning and had the leep/loop procedure for hpv18.
I’m just wondering what after effects you had and if mine are similar to anyone’s.
I have hardly any bleeding if anything toilet paper is slightly pink, dull ache rather than cramps, pain just under sternum, headache and need to pee more often.
I’m kind of waiting for the ‘big bleed’ to happen, I don’t have periods, early menopause at as from today 44.
Thanks :blush:

I was the same my big bleed didn’t happen untill two weeks after my sister who went through the same was like your Guna lose a scab lots of blood black liquid and I never lost any of that I had really light bleeding for 2 weeks then like a period for another week or so then I was good take care x

Thank you, I feel pressure not cramps

@Louiesmum i had one big bleed about 2 weeks after and tbh wasn’t too bad
Sending positive vibes

Colposcopy done yesterday
With 3 punch biopsy taken
Felt really sore and unwell last night.
So far this morning just feel tender.
Hope your feeling better xxx

I feel pressure to could just be healing I suppose it’s like when you cut your self takes time don’t it to heal and make new skin cells takes longer to heal when your bleeding take care

Thanks for the replies, still pain and its day 6 spoke to my pharmacist yesterday and he advised that if by Monday still sore to phone gp, still no blood

Hi Louiesmum, hope you’re still doing ok seeing as it’s been two days since you posted this! Sorry to read you’re still in some pain but I think you do the right thing chasing that up. Hopefully you’ll feel better after the weekend.

Just to let you know, I had hardly any bleeding at all the entire time. There was maybe some very faint watery pink/brown after a handful of days and I had some bright red at the 10 days-2 weeks mark but only when I wiped after a wee.

Unlike you though I did have some pretty severe cramping for about a week. It was almost as bad as my worst periods prior to being on the pill. And I was very tired too.

I think for some of us it must be that the scab/etc just doesn’t come away all at once and does it in a way that’s hardly noticeable. I still wore panty liners for about three weeks just in case.

I had a weird brown bleed about 6-7 weeks after my procedure but I think that might be related to my being on the mini pill. I switched from the combined pill earlier this year and have had a couple of instances of weird things happening!

Hi, that’s a relief about the bleeding! I thought there was something wrong with me. As for the pain I lasted 2hrs in work last night on my first shift back, I work in a bar. I rang out of hours and am waiting on their call back cause of the pain. I could hardly carry a tray of 4 drinks and customers were starting to notice.
Thanks for replying.

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So a little update. I’m 2 weeks post colposcopy and I’m still a little sore and have a bloated stomach. First shift back at work went OK as it was quiet but carrying tray of drinks causes discomfort. My gp out me on co amoxiclav which are like a calf bolus!!:woozy_face: Seems to have settled a bit but still some pains, no bleeding as of yet. Sarah

1 week later. No bleeding. Just a little tender but nothing can’t manage. But my discharge has been a bit off.
Thought it might be infection. But tests ruled that out. So God knows.
Hope your feeling better now .

And hear very soon about results . Good luck xx