How did people get results

I should hopefully get my results tomorrow, the consultant has looked at them and the secretary is typing them up, I assume it's good news because people who have had bad news have had phone calls if bad news is this true? X 

Hey my results were looked at by consultant and then send in post and was good news

As i had to attend hospital prior to receiving letter the colposcopy nurse who applied some silver nitrate had my results, but tbh honest my doc was also aware i was waiting for them so as i went to see her regarding something in connection she pulled up my results on her pc but was unsure of some terminology so said i should wait for letter but sid reassure me they were ok as i only have the hpv.


All the very best x


I'm really hoping good news so I can move forward :) xx

My clinic said they won't give out anything over the phone got to wait for letter. but they trll you when it's sent it you ask xx

She said she is going to read mine over the phone tomorrow xx

thinking of you



Ah that's good I hope you find out today. I think it varies from hospital to hospital because they wont tell me anything over the phone xx