How can they be sure?

Can they tell it’s not cancer from smear?
I attended my colposcopy last week after been told I was HPV positive and severe dyskaryosis…when I sat down at the app her first words were “has your doctor told you, you don’t have cancer?” I ask was she sure it wasnt and her reply was “I’m 99% sure”
But how?? This was before she gave me the colposcopy. I was meant to be given the lletz under local but my cervix was totally on its right side so now I need to wait 4 weeks for it to be done under general…I just keep thinking how was she so sure BEFORE looking at me? X

Hi @Kerry86

Smears are more of an indicator rather than a diagnostic, but they do have some idea if cancerous cells are present… the results can come in the form of low, moderate or severe, if cancer was suspected they usually throw ?invasion (query invasion) in with the terminology so when they received your referal they would have that information and although your cells do indicate that they are severely abnormal theres nothing to suggest they are malignant xx

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Thank you I will keep telling myself that! X