How bad was you back ache??

Hi ladies 

So I had my CT scan and all looks good (thank god). Everything is stable and looking ok. I had my scan brought forward due to back and hip pain which I've kind of suffered with the whole way through but it's got worse. They suggested that blood vessels around my radiated node could be contributing to my pain, this does not mean I have cancer in it I've been told?? Never heard of that before but hayho ive never had cancer before! My back pain is especially bad at night and is causing disturbed sleep. Currently trying different pain meds. 
Have any of you lovely ladies had this amount of pain after treatment?



that's great news with your scan!!  and hopefully finally puts your mind somewhat at ease. I am so pleased for you. 
I have days where my back aches more than others where before I would put it down to something I did my mind immediately goes to recurrence.

I have really stiff knees more than anything and never so bad that I need to take meds.

i hope someone with similar side effects can offer some support/advice. I just wanted to send massive hugs and love for your brilliant news. I hope you find a good set of meds which will help lessen the pain. Maybe acupuncture? 
Again woohoo!

much love emma xxx 

No backache here, but Emzz, your knee comment hit home! My knees are really stiff and sore, could that be menopause relate?

Hey izzzy,

i think it's menopause related I was hoping to start acupuncture then lockdown happened, I was reading a post earlier about starflower oil and the vitamin b complexes helping so I think I'm gonna give it a try as my consultant hasn't mentioned HRT at all. 
I hope you are keeping well lovely,

much love,

emma x

Locket, great to hear your scan results are good! I just get stiffness in my lower back from time to time and sometimes like a sciatica ache but nothing I have to take a med for, just a massage from my boyfriend lol.did u have hip and back pain before treatment? Acupuncture sounds nice, maybe some muscles creams or rubs too. If it keeps bugging you maybe take something for your bones and get a bone scan.

Locket great to hear your scan was good. That must be a relief. I can't help you with the backache thing as it's not something I've suffered with (yet). Izzy and Emmz, how's your vitamin D?  My vitamin D dropped to 14 after treatment. Deficiency is know to cause extreme muscle weakness eg. aching limbs climbing up the stairs, really tired arms when just washing your hair among other things. Just thought I'd throw it in there. Take care of yourselves girls especially in these crazy times.

x Maria

I had severe vitamin D deficiency and was prescribed extra booster vitamins,  like 10 times the normal dosage. Haven't had a blood test done since 

Hey Maria,

I haven't had a blood test since treatment ended, so thanks very much for the heads up, I'm a veggie so I usually find I'm deficient in something, I think I might be getting a few supplements just to see if it helps.

i hope you're keeping well in this craziness, I've been told to stay at home and my employer is playing me to so I'm incredibly lucky if not a little stir crazy.

good to hear from you  and thanks for the vitamin D advice.

loads of love and hugs,

emma xxx 

Good to hear from you girls! I've suffered with low vitamin D for years but never as low as this and that was after taking a supplement for 4 months. Currently taking 4000iu (sounds like the dose you were on Izzy) and symptoms have improved. Emma I'm thankfully in the same boat as you, being paid to stay home. Not sure what will happen on the 1st of June if the school's go back. I may be back to work. Feel sad for any of these lovely ladies going through treatment at the moment. We can only hope all this madness ends soon. Stay safe girls!

x Maria