How are you coping with Covid?

Everything seems to be happening really quickly - which I am exceptionally grateful for, but it’s also giving me anxiety particularly around Covid.

I got the news on Monday 6th and had both my MRI and CT scans on Wednesday evening. I’m just waiting for the results now to confirm staging and treatment - although the consultant believed it to be 1B when we discussed it at the start of the week. We should know before Christmas and treatment could happen very early in the New Year.

But I’ve found myself cancelling all my plans because I’m now worried about catching Covid and not being able to get to appointments or start my treatment. Conversations have even been had about keeping Christmas to just the two of us which has really upset me.

I know decisions about seeing people might be easier once I have an actual timeline to work to. And I do plan to have a chat to my healthcare team about my worries.

But does anyone have any advice? How are you all handling the pandemic and your journey?


I can relate to your post as I was diagnosed last year in the middle of the pandemic. I remember I was calling the pharmacists nearby to get me an appointment for the flu jab ASAP as the following week I was planning to start the chemo treatment and I wouldn’t be able to get one during the treatment. I remember I was in a panic mode due to stock issues but luckily everything worked out. When you know the stage and the treatment plan it will be easier to plan ahead. As I was really scared of COVID I had a very small group of people supporting me which I knew that they didn’t have come in contact with other people, if they did I would ask for a covid test to be done before visiting. It was difficult because back then no one was allowed to come with me in treatment sessions due to covid so I was alone. Depends on the treatment I guess but for me as I was doing chemo rads I coped well because I was so tired from the treatment that I didn’t have the time to think of it which is strange. All the best with your treatment! Xxx

Thank you.

I’m sorry you had to deal with this in lockdown, and it meant you couldn’t have people with you. I hope all your treatment went well.

I don’t want to not see people if it can be done safely and I know my friend and family would do all they could. But simple things like having a meal where you wouldn’t be able to wear a mask feels…wrong right now.

All I can really do is wait for timelines now and then see how I feel about it all. But I really appreciate hearing experiences - it definitely helps x

Hi CV26

If you are not yet fully up to date with vaccinations against Covid I think it would be an idea to get jabbed asap although you should probably check first with the oncology team whether there needs to be a time period between a Covid jab/booster and starting treatment.

As to Christmas arrangements, maybe you can plan for something with a selection of people who you feel will be considerate about your situation?; it would be good if everyone could agree to take lateral flow tests before any meet up. If you arrange something at home you could control the ventilation - maybe warn people to bring some warm clothes. I know it’s not always an easy thing to achieve in practice but maybe there’s a way.

My own treatment was in 2017 but I’m still in follow up; it seems I’m NED thus far but after everything I’ve been through I really don’t want Covid. Me and hubbie are having a very small pared back Christmas celebration next week with a couple of relations who are fairly vulnerable at their home; I’m going to take a lateral flow test beforehand and I’ve already started a conversation about testing to hopefully motivate the others to do the same.

Hope all goes as well as possible for you.


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Hi CV26,

When I saw the oncologist in July this year he told me not to go out to shops, pubs restaurants etc as my treatment was due to start in August. I had had both vaccines at that point and since then I have had 3rd vaccine.

I was very wary prior to treatment starting and during, luckily treatment was over the summer so I did have a few family members and some friends round occasionally and we sat outside.

I made sure all my children (28 & 24 both still at home) and partner did lateral flow tests 2 twice a week.

Thankfully I never got covid and up till now no one at home has had it.

The last thing you want is to catch covid and delay your treatment. It is difficult with all these new strains you can only do so much to keep yourself safe.

Hope you get good news from the scans x

Take care x

Thank you for the replies - they’re really helpful.

I have just had a text about my booster so I called the GP straight away. The earliest they could offer was 11 Jan so I’ve accepted and will speak to my oncology team about dates.

All potential Christmas guests will have had boosters by then. And due to their own health, most have limited contact with others anyway. There are just one or two family members where it’s a bit more awkward.

I don’t want to spoil anyone elses time…my Nan was planning to go to the theatre on Christmas Eve for example. But I don’t want to risk things either.

Some more conversations to be had I think about what’s the right approach.

Wishing everyone the best Xx