Housework/light exercise after lletz

Hello,  so i had a lletz biopsy monday afternoon after having a smear come back with high grade dyskaryosis.   Ive been fine, today is wednesday. I was advised to take rest of week off work.  But how long do you ladies wait until you get back to normal housework. Is  it after the 3 weeks???  And it would be nice to go for a walk with my partner and dog.  Would advise juat be take it easy??  Sorry if its a silly question x

Not a silly question as words like "rest" or "light exercise" mean completely different things to different people.

I took the day after my lletz off work. I went for a walk (about 3 miles) which was a bit of a mistake as I ended up sitting on someone's wall exhausted! Slept for the rest of the afternoon. Was tired at work the next two days but I think that was emotional rather than physical. Went for a longer walk on day 5 and was fine. Back to cycling to work a week after my lletz.

Everyone heals differently and I was lucky in that I didn't really have any pain so listen to your body and if whatever you are doing feels too much then stop.

(I don't really do housework!)


Thankyou.  Its been nearly 2 weeks now and only have a niggle every now and then to remind me. I went back to work a week later.  Ive been careful  not to do any heavy lifting.  You are right, ive just been testing myself to see how much i can do. 


I just want the results  now.


Thanks for replying x