Hospital today

Hoping to see a Dr today to find out exactly what's going on 

Hi Leanne.

Wishing you lots of luck, hope it goes well xx

Hi leanne

i hope you are doing ok. 


Good luck Maybe it's nothing. Thinking of you Jayne

I wish you the very best of luck .

Thinking of you,

Wishing you the best of luck x

Have been thinking about you Leanne. X

Hi Leanne. Do hope you are doing ok. Thinking of you and big hugs xx

Hey I'm fine never got to see a doc just the nurse couldn't tell me anything at all I'm out in benidorm for my cusions her doo home tomorrow had a fan  time I've to be in the hospital on the 7th for 7 o'clock for my wee op xxx Thankyou for caring love Leanne xxxxxx hope yous all are doing good  xxx