Hospital referral

Hello! I’m 33.

I had CIN3 cells removed 5 years ago, normal smears ever since.

In summer I started abnormal spotting, with the odd period, I’m on the depot and have been for quite some time and never had a period even if I was late with it. The abnormal spotting grew into heavy periods which were now coming every other week. My doctor got some bloods done and asked me in for some swabs and a look at my cervix. I’m low in folic acid and there was something else on my bloods but I can’t remember what it was and with my history they did an urgent referral and scan to the hospital and said I’ll be seen in 2 weeks on 1/12/21.

My scan is the 23rd and I’ve been called in for a biopsy and LLTEZ on 24th at 15:30 - nice Xmas for me. With my bloods being off I am so extremely worried. I haven’t told my family in full because of the time of year and the fact I might not make Xmas day depending on what’s done.

It almost feels worse as I know what’s coming test wise. I vary from being pretty worried to ‘naaaa this is this the stuff that happens to other people’ type attitude.

Anyone else had similar symptoms to me?

Hi Loola,

I am sorry for your diagnosis. It must be very stressful and scary. I was in a similar position a year ago but my situation was much more severe as I ended up with stage 2b. It is good that they refer you quickly for a biopsy because the sooner you know the better. I understand that you might not want to tell your family with the fear you will ruin their Xmas but I can tell you from experience that they would prefer to know what you are going through and support you. I remember, in the beginning of my journey I tried to hide it but sooner or later they figured it out and it was so much worst for them. Xmas it is a celebration that is happening every year but knowing that you are in the hospital and going through all these on your own they will be much more disappointed about themselves that they didn’t figure it out. Also it will lift a burden from your shoulders as you will not need to hide it. I hope all the best with your biopsy and hopefully you will have results soon to know what you are dealing with! Lots of love xxx

Oh Maria I’m so sorry to hear about what you’ve been through. How’re you now?

I’m so far pretty calm but naturally my brain does wonder and I get a little scared. All the surprise bleeding and low folic acid I’m sure doesn’t help either as that’s draining enough.

How long did it take for your biopsy to come back? I really can’t remember from last time but vaguely feels like a while?

I think if it wasn’t for Xmas being ruined last year and my family being so excited I’d be less precious but it just feels like such a lot to dump on people this close, especially as it’s inconclusive and I don’t actually have any answers yet. You’re probably right though I’m not doing anyone any favours.

Hi Loola
I have been experiencing similar symptoms to yourself with heavy irregular bleeding and low folic acid…I had been for an ultrasound that never really showed anything and then went for a hysteroscopy which has showed my cervix isn’t opening properly and blood pooling in my womb…I am currently waiting for an appointment to get a biopsy done under general anaesthetic and an MRI scan which will be after the year I think…I hope you get some answers after your tests and let me know how you get on xx

Oh gosh, Diane I am so sorry that sounds horrible. Please let me know how you get on and I’ll update on me too, I doubt I’ll get any answers this year either but at least we’re both in the system. Sending you strong hugs xx


Hi Loola ,

I had a biopsy and I got the results in 2-3 weeks time if I remember correctly but it is being a while, it was quick considering other stories. I undertook treatment and now I am pretty good. No major side effects from the treatment and I am clear for a year now from the disease. Let me know how you are getting on following treatment! Xxx

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I’m so pleased to hear you’re well and disease free. Ok 2-3 weeks is good, might be a bit longer with the back holidays and I will ask them too. I will definitely update. Thanks again for replying and sharing, it means a lot xxx

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